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Oxford Luggage - Humpback Backpack
Oxford Luggage - Humpback Backpack
Great for my motorbike, great for my Segway
Published by gbrandwood
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Thumbs up Oxford Luggage - Humpback Backpack

I bought this for use on my motorbike but recently tried it on my Segway. It works well for use on a Segway because the body straps (very easily engaged/disengaged) make it very secure and keep the pack firmly in place. The helmet expanding pocket will take a full size motorcycle helmet so could possibly take 2 common Segway style lids.

It's roomy, has some padded back support for comfort, and is well balanced when carrying stuff. The zips are all designed for bikers wearing gloves, so they're very easy to grab and open and the seams are pretty much waterproof, a bit like those on the Segway i2 front bag.

There are lots of zipped compartments - so great for gadgets, phones, bluetooth senders etc. I get a full gym kit in there with trainers, shower bag, water bottle etc.

It's pricey (paid 30 for mine on offer - shop around) but it is far better than the cheaper standard back packs that I've tried before.

Plus, it actually looks good - better than the photo. It's not so much of a "hump" unless it is crammed full.

I rated the Enhances Segway experience as a 3 because, despite it doing its job well, it is just a bag!

Price including VAT - 49.98

Uniquely Styled Back Pack
Humpback mouldings and new rubber zip tag
Padded ergonomic fit back padding and straps
Luggage capacity 45L
Water resistant main compartment zips and internal organiser
Zip-out helmet carrrier included
Waist and chest straps for even weight distribution Code : OF574

This is a link to just one of many places selling this product:

Just thought I'd share. Even if you can't find this model, I had never previously thought of looking for Segway stuff in a bike shop. They've been doing this kind of stuff for a long time....
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