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Special Needs, Mobility and Disabled Use Information and discussion for those with special needs interested in the Segway.

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Originally Posted by Fog_Man View Post
The SegwayMini pro is ADA compliant. I have notes from medical doctors based upon my ailing back and totally reconstructed ankle and lower leg that I need a device like the SMP. So, if mine is appropriated, then they must provide a substitute at their expense. If I am denied, then they will be reported and lawyers contacted.

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But like said before....WE DO NOT HAVE TO DO THAT!....They deny me they are hearing from my lawyer either way!

I mean not to dump on you, so dont take it that way....Being disabled sucks! You cant see my disability!....Life is hard enough for me, I dont need Barny Fife making harder on me!...Sorry for the vent.

I dont want anyone to know whats wrong with me....Can you imagine walking into a store and asking some stranger some completely personal question?

"Hi, mame what a beautifal girl you have, natural or C-section?" " how many tries" ect,ect.
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