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Segway General Discussion General discussion related to any model of Segways, miniPROs, or Ninebots. Please do not post non-Segway technology posts here; use the technology forum instead.

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I think that part of the re-boot problems are due to one of several reasons. After hearing of how some do the wet finger trick in the key port and then touching the screw on the base you are basically grounding out the circuit. Which suggests to me that one of the boards (control or handlebar) isn't properly grounded. Unplugging the cords inside the shaft have the same effect as grounding it out.

It may be possible the ground problem may also be in the plug connectors, too. They may become lose after a glide over rough terrain or by raising or lowering the handlebars which stretches the cords, possibly loosening the connections a bit. Is there any cord clamps, tie wraps or rubber bands to hold the connections together? With a rubber band all you would have to do is use a short fat rubber band and take each end and fold it towards the middle making two little loops at each end (like a slip knot) and place one end over the plug on one end and then the other end over the other.

Another problem I've seen with some other computer controled motor driven devices is that when they are shut off they have to have time for the boards stored charge, memory, capacitance, whatever, to die down or discharge. Which is done on a quicker version when the wet finger trick is given. You'll notice this problem when there are idiot lights or LED's that slowly dim to nothing when turned off.

Another cause for re-start is trying to do this while the LED's are diming. They haven't gotten rid of the discharge. And you can't turn it back on till the lights dim completely. At this point I'm wondering if a short chain attached to the screw on the bottom side of the handlebars and the other end attached to say a round shaped paper clip to fit in the shape of the hole in the keyport. Say, having an Segway emblem attached to it dangleing from the screw. I'm not sure something like this will work or not, you take the risk of trying, not me. I don't know if this would cause damage or not because you are shorting something out, either the ground loop or power to the board...
The list goes on and on, but you get some idea to go on to confirm for yourself at your own risk. Its late for me so I may seem to be rambling, so hope this clears up and or gives you some ideas to go on your own with.

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Hello I have a question my Segway starts to go into limp mode after I reach a certain speed regardless of key used to start, if I get off and shut it off and turn it back on it will go back into run mode but then after a certain speed again regardless of key the screen will start flashing red and shut down on its own can anybody help me rectify this thank you
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