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Segway General Discussion General discussion related to any model of Segways, miniPROs, or Ninebots. Please do not post non-Segway technology posts here; use the technology forum instead.

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Default Segway I170

Long time member first time poster..

I have a Segway I170 with NI-MH batteries..
Due to an error condition I ignored my segway for a number of years.
So with our current worldy status I started investigating things with it again.
Batteries where in this status..

After leaving it charging over night...

Battery-1 Left-side voltage > 43
Battery-1 Right-side voltage > 43

Battery-2 Left-side voltage between 36 and 39
Battery-2 Right-side voltage between 36 and 39

Startup status....provided the 'unlocated fault' according to the Reference Manual.

Switching batteries made no change....

So with some discussion I was made to believe that one of my batteries may be the problem. So I opened it up (Battery-2) and with a Heat gun and patience the battery and board slid out via gravity...

Inspection of the 6 10-battery cells... showed lower voltage on all but 2.
So I inspected the individual cells and found 8 bad cells 0volts or less than 1 volt. So I proceeded to change those 8 cells.

Battery-2 Left-side voltage > 44
Battery-2 Right-side voltage > 44

so the Startup status has not changed...

So with Web and forum investigation I was curious if I had a HandleBar or CSB issue or cable issue.

Last night I read that some people suggested over time to switch the CU's .. So I proceeded to do this.

Startup status now is startup attempt is quicker.. but goes directly to a Full Circle Error with wrench...

So this is where I am .. Hopefully I didn't forget anything..

Hope someone out there has additional ideas..

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Default Lack of Segway support is your problem


My XT is in a similar state. From reading many threads on this site, I have come to the conclusion that unless I can find a way to reset the individual integrated circuit chips on the boards in the platform, my machine will never run again.

Segway seems to have decided to let all of the Gen 1 and probably Gen 2 machines die. There is no factory support for these machines any more. Their technology is proprietary and closely held, and that ability to reset a red circle with a wrench is not being released to the public domain.

With some tinkering, my best hope is to convert mine to a powered wheelbarrow.

If you learn of a solution, please let us all know.

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Smile In DFW


I hear what your saying, I guess I'm still hopeful that with some work and exploriation I will discover my issue is not so great . From some items I've read some folks have had Red wrenches and reseating connections helped... and some had battery issues which once corrected solved their issues..

Of course right now I have no idea other than its one of the above or something else.. So for now its an electric paper wait.

I am very surprised how the original company was able to manufacture and sell without alot of support anywhere but Bedford.. I know I am simple..

Now that they are no longer in the SEGWAY business I wonder how it serves the company to keep their tech close to the vest ? May it would complete with their scooter or bike busness ???

I read about alot of work people have done with the Battery tech so that I guess was giving me hope about learning more about the systme if nothing else.. I friend of mine know about i2c protocols so we will see where that leads us..

Regards, Eric
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It sounds like a battery issue to me, I have 4 Gen 1 models and had this issues myself. I run with NIMH batteries as to be allowed to travel on planes with mine. What style do you have? Rebuilt is around 800 a pair and 1500 for Lithium. Iím probably 60 miles from you if you want to bring it by and try my batteries to be sure

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battery, nimh, startup, trouble, wrench

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