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Science and Technology Science & technology discussions not related to the Segway. This includes discussion of Segway knockoffs and clones.

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Default Lifter Experiments --- Propulsion of the future?;TOP8-80;0;1)

I discovered this site a few months back, and kept up on it... as of now, they can lift a 10g weight. I bet the NASA boys are a bit further on it... they even went as far as to patent it as of this year.

This theory is actual old and well-established, but they are just finding new uses for it as of late.

Lifters are one form of propulsion NASA could use to propel their satellites, probes, or even their space shuttles. Essentially, they use a high voltage, low current power source and a capacitance device. They generate an ionic thrust that propels the object in [any] direction. Lateral movement has been demonstrated. The helium baloons are to offset the weight of the control system & servo (to direct the capicitor). Watch some other videos of the device going up and down, left and right.

Personally, I think this is the biggest thing since the atomic bomb. I don't think they could create a safe enough power source to lift off a space shuttle, but they could use it to propel a satellite through space. Coupled with either a fuel cell, or a nuclear battery, they could propel these devices for years. For example, that thing runs off less than 26 watts of power. In comparison, the processor of your computer most likely consumes up to 50W of power.

Now, lets take it into a different direction. Imagine an airplane with propellers based on a capacitor. It generates ionic thrust to move the propellers. This is highly impractical as they wouldn't be able to generate enough thrust, I don't think, but bear with me. Now, imagine this propeller attached to a wheel. A wheel of, say, a carbon-fiber, lightweight automobile. Now you have a method of transportation that is very, very efficient. Few mechanical connections as possible.

Of course, it will probabaly be at least 15-20 years before you see this technology on anything, unless we see a big breakthrough, or a severe need for it.
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