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Segway of Corvallis Oregon
Segway of Corvallis Oregon
Published by flickroll
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Default Segway of Corvallis Oregon

Iíll second all of the positive reviews of this dealership and Rick. I did not buy my Segway from Rick but I wish I had. Iím on the east coast so it seemed to me they were too far and I bought an X2 SE Turf somewhere else. I had a reason to call Rick and even though so far he as not received one nickel from me (that will change!) he was very courteous, friendly and extremely helpful. He even fixed a registration issue I had with my X2 and again, he did not sell it to me. Iíve seen all sorts of customer service in my life, good and bad, but nothing beats the superior service Rick offers. Trust him, you will not be disappointed. If I could do it all over again he would have been the one to sell my my X2.
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