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Accessories for Your Segway Rate and review various accessories available for your Segway.

Free Livall Bling smart helmet and remote control
Free Livall Bling smart helmet and remote control
RoboCop Style
Published by [RCG]Balthazar
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Thumbs up Free Livall Bling smart helmet and remote control

Anyone who bought / buys a Segway ES2 Kickbike from Elkjøp Norway (Possibly other Scandinavian countries too) between May 28 - 2018 and August 31 - 2018 gets a free smart helmet by registering on the Elkjøp web site!
(Link in blue next to the price tag)

Got mine yesterday and got instanly hooked!

Helmet has brake and turn signals built in to easily and tell those behind you
whats up next.

It connects to my Cat S60 Android Smart Phone and to a sweet remote control attatched to the handle bar with a rubber band thingy.

As it is designed for bicycles, it ends up a bit far from my thumb due to the shape of Segway's handle bar.

That can probably be easily rectified and I will get back with a fix unless one of you beat me to it

As most "Smart Things" it comes with an app.
This is where it gets really interesting for a Geek like me!

One feature I havent tried yet is the Emergency SMS.
If the app thinks I've had an accidents I have 90 seconds to cancel a text message to my son!

Another awesome feature I havent tried properly is the camera button on the remote.
One click opens my cell phone camera, clicking again makes it take a pic.
Tried it on the floor, no holder for my phone yet so I'll have to get back on
how it performs when I can find one.

I can easily share it on Facebook and such complete with a map and speed+ altitude stats directly from the app.
(Have a look at Jonny Nedregård on FB for an examle from todays trip to work)

Why they give you one for free?
Well, the top model also has a mic and speakers...
This gives you hands free as well as in-app group chat when riding with friends!
I'm allready saving up for it and thats probably why
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