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Default newbie - lithium battery testing

So I recently got a i180 - got it cheap cause PO said it needed battery work. Both of the battery packs were previously opened and taped up (so easy access).

So after much reading and testing, I confirmed my BSM is charging each battery, and each battery does charge up higher, but eventually one or both get the red light. When I turn on the segway, it works fine on slow/walk speed but once I speed up it immediately gives me the red sad face and shuts down - but funny that I can immediately turn on unit again and get full green but again if I give it any spped faster than walk it gives red unhappy face and shuts down.

Although I get the red lights on the charge (f,r) each battery gets to 83V, though from all the reading I did I suspect one or both batteries have some bad cells and not holding charge (this would still give me the full voltage, but just low(er) capacity and hence the red sad face.

So I reopened up one of the batteries and removed the pcb with batteries. Being a 73.6V 5200mah battery (and each cell being 3.2V @ 1300mah), that tells me the battery has 23 bundles connected in series with each bundle having 4 cells in parralel (the 4 parralel would give 3.2V @ 5200 mah), and with 23 of them connected in series that would give the 73.6 (23*3.2) volts at the 5200mah.

But when I opened the battery, I actually see (from the top side) the bundles are 8 cells, where 4 have the positives on bottom and 4 with positives on top - each of these 8 pack bundles then are connected in series together.
I'm planning to buy a capacity tester and want to test each pack of 4 to find bad bundles and eventually replaced bad cells - my goal is to test each bundle to save time, vs removing each cell and testing each of the 92 (per battery) separate.

So my questions:
1) which wires do I disconnect to test each of the packs of 8?
2) being they are packs of 8, with 4 pointing down and 4 pointing up, wouldn;t that suggest each bundle is actually 7.2V (4 connected in parralel meaning 3.2V at 5200mah, and then these connected in series making 7.2V at 5200mah|)? This is cofusing me though since my multimeter shows each bundel of 8 being 3.2V - how do I test the bundle of 8, and why would each bundle of 8 be 3.2 since 4 cells are pointing up and 4 pointing down?
3) once I find a bad bundle, how hard is it to remove the 4 or 8 batteries - any advice on this?
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