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Accessories for Your Segway Rate and review various accessories available for your Segway.

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Segway PT Handlebar Bag for Gen2
Segway PT Handlebar Bag for Gen2
Okay, Not Great
Published by Neelix
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Default Segway PT Handlebar Bag for Gen2

I thought it was funny that there was a category for "works as described" in the review form. I suppose that if the description for the handlebar bag is, "holds stuff," then, indeed, it does work as described.

The trouble is is that some poor design choices along the way make actually using the bag a frustrating experience. The zipper pulls are, to put it nicely, inadequate, and to put it harshly, infuriating. They are hard to grasp and hold on to, and once you do get a grip, the zipper doesn't slide smoothly. I understand the theory behind the design; create a waterproof zipper configuration, but sometimes theory doesn't translate into a workable solution.

Once you've wrestled the zippers into submission, the bag opens wide, like a snake unhinging its jaw. This is pretty great! ... Most of the time. While it is excellent to be able to open it really wide to put big stuffs in there, I've seen on more than one occasion someone open a bag full of stuff and have it all spill out onto the ground because it opens so huge. This issue obviously clears itself up once people have done it once (at least, one should hope they learn from previous experience) so it's not a terribly huge deal.

Getting the bag on and off the machine, is, in theory, really simple and easy. Here we are back at theory, though, and of course reality has its own ideas. I deal with dozens of bags at work, and while some work splendidly, the great majority are a PAIN to slide onto the machine. There just seems to be no guarantee that they actually slide smoothly onto the mounting bracket.

Because of these design issues, it's hard for me to recommend the Segway PT Handlebar Bag. Get yourself a nice backpack or messenger bag, and use that as your PT cargo solution.
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