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Segway General Discussion General discussion related to any model of Segways, miniPROs, or Ninebots. Please do not post non-Segway technology posts here; use the technology forum instead.

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Default 13,000 & Still kickin'

Rebuilt batteries from MTO & a Mothership mid-life warranty repair with other repairs (very reasonable dealer price) but still useful after 13 years. Still enjoy the Glides; warm sunny day to rainy soaked to snow. Roc Maverick has slowed down just as Roc Independence did; but Trigger and I can still keep up. After all these miles we're going to need a second set of shoes; not bad after 13K & 13 years. Yes, Blinky is there.

Don't know too much about ninebot, but my X2 is still rockin' after all these years. If you Glide a Segway (OEM); Glide it and enjoy it. It will/has lasted many years and provides tremendous enjoyment and a little bit of peace with the all-around nature.

She/He/It doesn't like to sit still and plugged into a wall. Use it, don't lose it.

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Default Any CAN 2.0 DBC available?

Hi Beginner to this forum, not sure how to post a new thread.
Anyone have Database files for CAN communication between modules. I am doing a project, bought this used, the display is not working, infact I dont need this display. I a trying to control the motor from an android phone wirh Wifi to CAN 2.0 module.

Anyonr has any information on the CAN signals which they send.
Does it have a cycle counter check with the display like the automotive has?
is it CAN 2.0 or EnergyBUS CANOpen?
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Seginaway will become famous soon enough
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Default Still going . . .

Still going with my X2 after 16 years and 14,000 miles. Blinky is showing up every day and, today is a nice sunny day to enjoy a glide.

Will I get another 16 years, probably not, but it's going to fun glidin' anyway.

Are they many original X2's or I'2s still around or have they been overtaken by the knockoffs?

Enjoy your day; I'm green lights and Glidin' away.
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Amy Yu
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Default Segway balance

Segway balance is supported by two wheels, powered by lithium battery, driven by brushless motor, and controlled by single-chip microcomputer. The attitude sensor collects angular velocity and angle signals to coordinate and control the balance of the vehicle body. The vehicle can be started only by changing the center of gravity of the human body. , acceleration, deceleration, stop and other actions, safe and reliable.
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Default Another Pair of Shoes . . .

Another pair of shoes for Trigger. This time I found a good price on eBay for a set of TURF tires and rims, so I replaced my X2 stubbies. So far I'm disappointed with the result as the ride is harsher then the stubbies and there isn't as much ground clearance for the occasional stream or water hazard.

Nonetheless, beautiful days lately in PA and I've been Glidin' Away.

Enjoy your Glide.
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Talking Still gliding along and still enjoying the thrill.

I have a 2006 i2 which I converted to an X2 some many years ago now; a battery replacement a few years ago and a radio board replacement due to failing cold starts is its only maintenance, otherwise it has be going well over all these years and has only just reached 1500kms. I also have an original 2008 I2 that is close to 450km. I use both; selecting one to suit my mood at the time.

Both of these machine live on a time clock controlled charger connection when not in use. They both perform flawlessly. Just used my 2008 i2 yesterday to glide 6km km round trip into the CBD and return. Passed a number of Ninebot style electric hire standard scooters. The much younger riders were both perplexed and intrigued to see my version; most probably because they had not seen an original Segway in the wild before.

Both my Segways are still in very good condition and sport their original tyres. My X2 has a seg-seat and is also set up for golf too. Have dual carry kits for both. I expect these wonderfully designed and engineered machines to now outlast me since I am now getting closer to the finish line that to the start. I expect that their most modern replacements will never last as long as these original Segways. I still enjoy the gliding experience with these machines.
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dgbint will become famous soon enoughdgbint will become famous soon enough
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Default Nice !

Nice to hear that all is running well.

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