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Default Segway PT (X2) strange behaviour at very slow speed

Hi All
Hope all is going well around here.

I have around 40 segways that we use for tours and such and recently found a problem with a couple of them that so far I have not been able to fix.

The Problem:
Once the segway warms up (some of them do it straight away from cold but gets worse as they warmup so it is not directly temperature related), if you try to ride it very slow, the segway feels like its "going over bumps"...
The best way i could describe this is:
Imagine your wheels are the shape of a octagon instead of a circle... as you lean forward you can feels as you are going over the edges of every step on that octagon.

What have i tried:
Replacing central console with a "known good one";
No change

Replacing Gearboxes with really good ones with brand new Polymers and couplers;
No Change

Replacing Motors
No change

The only thing I did that actually fixed one of them was to replace the CU board with another segway i had laying around for parts.

Now i would love to know if we have anyone else around here who had the same problem with their segways and fixed them...
Would love to hear about fixes for this... other than just replacing the CU boards.

Thank you
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You have a private message.

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I have exactly the same issue!

Ive actually been meaning to look into this for months, and just came on the forums tonight to see if anyone else had a similar issue. Ive got the same issue, but only on one side.

Anyone work out the issue?

My own investigations haven't been that advanced yet, and without putting an oscilloscope on the output of the driver output, I thought it could simply be a bad capacitor or drive MOSFET. The MOSFET idea seems like the most likely to me, as it feels like its missing a "pulse" to the motor. That explains why on higher speeds its less noticeable, since the pulses are so short.

Failing this, my last resort would be buying another main-board and to desolder and swap the chips so the new board all stays coded to the rest of the system.

I also noticed that letting it sit for a week or two, on the first run it works for about 10-15 minutes before the issue starts to occur again.
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In this case, if you think that's electronics, try to clean an error memory.

Trick is remove batteries front and back batteries off , then after 2 hours only put back on the rear battery, wait 2 hours for functions to boot up and then put on the front battery.

This rarely works but its a reset some recent memory.
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