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Tours and Rentals Issues, experiences & opinions relating to Segway rentals and tours.

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Hi Maja,

Welcome to the group. As you would expect there are a myriad of opinions on this issue. Ultimately you have to decide for yourself what is appropriate for you and yours.

A Segway is a machine - a unique machine, but a machine none-the-less. There is a way to make it go, stop, and steer. Are you and your sister the type that learns new things easily? If so, then you will have no trouble whatsoever learning the Segway. Don't fight it. Accept what the machine is doing under your feet.

As to the age thing I have a touring company that primarily takes people off-road. My minimum age is 12. We rarely go on roads and seldomly encounter cars and pedestrians, and never have stop lights, curbs, and taxi cabs with a death wish. All we need to watch for are bumps, trees, and other segway's. Another tour will have it's own challenges. Investigate what the terrain will be for the tour you are considering.

I have found that the Segway is actually very easy for young people to learn to use. It's the maturity level in dealing with situations encountered during the tour that is the challenge. Is your sister a mature young woman and able to discern how to deal with potential issues along the way? If so, go and have fun!

Bottom line is that you are going to be riding a machine in a unique surrounding. Could you or your sister be hurt during the ride. Sure. Does that happen often? From my experience, no. Quite rare, in fact.

Use some common sense and be watchful of your surroundings. And then have a lot of fun! Segway's are a blast. Enjoy!!!

Originally Posted by Maja View Post
How do they come up with these limits? I'm planing to try it for the first time and would like to take my little sister (age 14), so I'm wondering could I be able to do that?
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minimum age

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