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Default Revive your dead batteries for $25!

Does anyone out there have a battery (or two) that might need to experience a good ol' fashioned revival? I've had good luck in reviving a few batteries for my machines. It's not a terribly complicated process. However, it might be a little more than some folks are willing to tackle on their own. In an effort to help recover some of my recent Segway-related expenses, I figured I'd offer up my services and help others to bring their batteries back to life.

Now, it should be noted that not all dead (ie. "red light") batteries can be revived. It's hit or miss. Some are just too far gone. I've had a few batteries which were showing red lights, and I was able to get them back to a chargeable state. So, they showed green lights and went through the charging process. However, THEY WERE STILL BAD. Of the batteries that displayed this behavior, they would go through the solid green light "fast charge" and then switch to the slow green blink. They never switched to the fast blink. So, that seems to be an indication of battery problems. When I tested these batteries, the machine would power up just fine and roll around very slowly. However, as soon as I attempted to get up to speed, they would throw an error code.

Anyway, if you have a battery or two that you think can be revived, I'd be glad to help. If the batteries are giving off a strong/strange chemical smell, they are probably beyond the point of no return. I recently worked on two sets of 2008 batteries. All four had red lights. One pair came back to life and is good for 20 miles. The other was stinky and wasn't able to be saved. The only way to know if they can be saved is to try it. I can run your batteries through the process for $25 each. If they aren't able to be saved, you wouldn't need to pay anything. The only thing you'd be out is the shipping cost.

I am absolutely smitten with my Segways, and my hope is that I can help others keep theirs going as long as possible. There are LOTS of machines out there with dead batteries, and it's a shame that they continue to sit there. Let me know if you think I can help you out!
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