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Default Extending the range?

Originally Posted by Bradford View Post
Hi everyone. I'm new on here, but have had my minipro since Thanksgiving. Since then, I've logged 433 miles on mine, traveling all over the Sarasota area.

I was going out on a ride this morning, and was about 1/4 mile into the ride when a notification popped up on my phone that firmware update 1.4 was available. I stopped right there and downloaded the update. Once done, I proceeded on a 16+ mile ride. Yes, there is a way to extend the range up to 20 miles without stopping or recharging, but I will talk about that later. As for the firmware update, these are the changes I noticed:

The biggest complaints I've had, along with probably many of you, is the beeping and tilt back, so I'll answer that one first. This has been reduced dramatically. It will beep if for the same reasons as before, but now it does not seem to beep anywhere near as frequently. I lost track of how long I went without a single beep. It was music to my ears. I felt with the version 1.3 that the beeping was excessive. From my 1 hour 45 minutes on the minipro, that can no longer be said.

Going hand in hand with the beeping is that awful tilt back. You will still get it, but it is nowhere near as dramatic as it was before. The tilt back now feels very subtle, almost not noticeable at times. Before I felt that the tilt back could be so extreme as to cause a dangerous riding situation. Now though, it no longer detracts from the riding experience.

The other complaint I had was the top speed limiter. It seems like it might have been raised a little bit, but minimal. I could hit 11mph before the speedometer on the phone would begin to flash red. Even then, it did not beep or tilt back at all. It was at an indicated 11.5 mph that I would get the beeps. At that point, or slightly above 11.5 moh, I experienced a very subtle tilt back and slowing. For a point of reference, I'm 6'1" and weight 190 pounds. Your results may very depending on your weight.

Most of all, the word I kept coming back to in describing the new firmware update is SMOOTH. Everything feels more smooth and polished with this update. Acceleration feels more smooth, turning feels more smooth, slowing and guessed it, smooth. I did not feel engagement/disengagement when starting and stopping. It just feels right. It most likely contributed to my not feeling as tired. Normally after riding about 20 miles, I feel a bit beat up. Granted I did just over 16 but still felt very fresh. I may go out and do 20 later just to confirm any difference in fatigue, but the minipro is currently charging at the moment.

So in summary, this latest firmware is a very nice and noticeable improvement. I wish they would raise the top speed to 15mph, but understand why they don't. It would be nice to have that option though, and maybe we will get that option with a future update. For now though, my hat is off to Segway for this much improved update.

Can you share how to extend the range on the minipro to 20 miles?
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There is no way to extend the range to 20 miles easily. He is either talking about kilometers or recharging it for the second half of a ride.

When the minipro batteries are old, you can replace the LG 2500mah batteries with LG or Panasonic 3200mah batteries which will give you 20+ miles of range. But you will have to be able to build your own battery packs.
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