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Originally Posted by homey View Post
i must be twice your age and i wouldn't have even slowed down for that first crack in the pathway you are an embarrassment to the cause. is this really how you guys navagate those i2's? and who spells Curbs with a K anyway. if you really can't bend your knees a little and hop that with those little wheeled ones then do what i do when i take the upside of a real mans curb. spin around on approch, back in and step off on the high ground. drag the seg up under it's own power. step back on and spin again with a little style and don't let people see you looking like that... it's really bad pub for Segway. do one more vid and do it right, if not just drive full throttle into that cactus patch for me please.

geeez dude... is that nitro glycerine in those tankers or what
Homey - thanks for your comment

Looking back - the whole video is very slow and conservative - and perhaps "everyday" approach is not the right word. In the "real world" I hop up and down that kerb (spelt with a k - because that's the British English way of spelling it 'dude', and 'jeez' is how I'd spell what you spell 'geeze'). The video was a general approach - to be applied to kerbs of any size. Plus, it was slow in particular to accompany the narrative in my Segway Code guide. Plus plus, the machine is an e167, which has some special characteristics with which you may not be famililar.

But you know what, if you tried to hop up that kerb on an i2, you may clip the edge with your batteries. Which could send you flying - into a cactus patch if there was any about. I know this because I've done the same on my i2 which has a much lower ground clearance than the 167 in the video. Maybe if your tyre pressure was properly topped up and you aren't too heavy - and you pick the perfect speed, you might get away with it. I got away with it often but not all the time - especially in the winter.

I did do some other videos with different ways of doing it. There's another method I prefer now as well which I should add.

Why not upload your video?
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