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Segway General Discussion General discussion related to any model of Segways, miniPROs, or Ninebots. Please do not post non-Segway technology posts here; use the technology forum instead.

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Originally Posted by JPTL View Post
Thanks for the replies.
Very helpful and useful info.
I found a somewhat local Segway authorized dealer in Annapolis and plan to load them up and bring them by to see if they're operational. These guys operate Segway tours, so I'm sure they know the ins & outs with these and can advise me on my options.
Good idea. Until you get some decent batteries on them you'll never know what state they're in.

Gen1 machines are fairly old now so unless dealer has been around a long time check what knowledge they do have of these models. If your units only have V12 software and dealer only has LION batteries, you're gonna be stuck!
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Default UPDATE - one good machine!

Originally Posted by Philip View Post
Assuming you have a couple of HT i170s, there is a very, very good chance than one or both units are still operational. There is also a good chance they've had their software upgraded so they can use Lithium battery packs. As Michael said, if they have they should have a circular, yellow 'Flyguy' Segway logo stuck to the cover plate, visible when you lift off the grey foot mat.

The NiMH packs were manufactured at least 13 years agp, and will not be able to power the machine, sorry.

If I were you, I'd ask on SegwayChat if another Segway PT owner located near you would mind if you visited and swapped on their Lithium packs for a minute to two to discover if your machines are operational (and compatible with Lithium). If you buy a $20 plug-in power meter you can also determine if the built-in battery charger on each machine is functional (we call this part the "CSB" which is short for Control Shaft Base).

If your machine(s) start up and the CSBs work then you know that you can get them running for the cost of new Lithium packs (or re-packed NiMH). With functioning battery packs your i170's will be just as useful and capable and fun to ride as they day they rolled off the production line. The first-generation Segway PTs are fun to ride!

If not, you'll learn if they are not software updated (and therefore you need to take a punt on getting a pair of NiMH's re-packed to go any further) and/or they either need a replacement CSBs (available on eBay), or they are deeply faulty and only the factory can repair them. At this point only you can decide on whether or not the costs of going forward are worth it to you.

For what it is worth, my guess is that it is VERY GOOD chance you'll be able to make one functional machine out of the two you have there, and there is a GOOD likelihood both are still ok (once you take care of the battery issue).

All the best!
Philip, your hunch was correct. At least one machine was good The other tested to have the 'deep fault' in the circuit board.
I am fortunate to have a highly respected Segway Authorized Dealer not too far from me in Annapolis. The guy who runs the place, Rich, is great. Extremely helpful and knowledgeable. He was able to test both units and we determined that Segway 1 is 'pristine' - with the exception of the batteries, while Segway 2 had the 'deep fault' that you refer to.
Rich tested and confirmed the handlebar kit and the CSB to Segway 2 to be fully functional. Given that they saw very little use, I plan to sell them to hopefully recoup my outlay for new batteries.
Any suggestions on how to find folks looking for a complete handlebar assembly and a CSB? Both are near mint and tested to be fully functional by Segway of Annapolis. Hypertronic connectors.
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Don M
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Preface what follows by admitting I know absolutely ZERO about Gen 1 Segs, so factor that in

When we decided we needed to buy a couple Segs (after taking a wonderful tour around Nashville) I began to do lots of online research to decide what to buy and what I should expect to have to pay

I decided that I wasn't at all interested in Gen 1 machines, even if they were free - I can understand why there are so many 'free' ones out there for the taking. You could easily spend as much or more getting them up and running as you can pay to buy a fully operational Gen 2 machine for. The asking prices for parts for the early models are just CRAZY!! You would think they were parts for 1960's Ferrari's or something. If you do have a running one and it malfunctions, it can cost lots more to repair than fixing a Gen 2 machine

We have three I2's and we paid less than $2K for each of them . . . . and they were all running with good batteries when we bought them. The last one we bought was the newest and it had only 78 miles on it, came with one brand new battery, one rebuilt battery and one dead battery and we paid $1500 for it. You could spend lots more than that to get your dead early model up and running with new batteries

Maybe there is something nostalgic about owning and riding an old Gen 1 - Maybe they are a bit like an early Ferrari in that regard. I just don't understand why anyone looking to buy and ride their first Segway would pay more than a couple hundred dollars for an operational one. If the used parts prices I see on eBay reflect actual selling prices, as opposed to asking prices, you may be sitting on a GOLD MINE with the two you've been given. Part them both out and sell the bits and pieces and you may end up with enough to buy yourself a brand new I2 SE!!


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And here I want to sell my i2 to get a down payment for a motorcycle. Itís in very good shape and I have the cargo bars installed and a set of Segway folding loading ramps with carry bag. It also has a retractable stand.

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