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Special Needs, Mobility and Disabled Use Information and discussion for those with special needs interested in the Segway.

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Murray Fisher
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Default Kick Stand idea

I am an inveterant experimenter and having a quick and easy "kick stand" for the Segway is an ongoing challenge. It bugs me that my grandkids have bikes with 3 dollar kick stands that work great and nothing seems to be very simple or practical for our Segs. Right now I think Waynes option is the best. For an old guy like me (82) it looks like almost zero work to park.

I have tried several ideas that all work after a fashion. My latest experiment is kind of unusual. I figure something needs to hold the rig up when it wants to fall forward. I found a little two wheel aluminum golf club carrier at a yard sale, for a dollar! Took off the handle, which pivots on a sort of serrated thing and locks in any position very solidly. I mounted it on the power shaft using a split piece of PVC pipe fitting padded with a piece of water pipe insulation. It hinges to clamp over the shaft. I just deploy it by lossing the knurled nut and letting it swing forward and then relocking works great to support the Segway at a forward slope. It is not very pretty however!!

Does anyone else have any unique ideas we can try. I have tried them all, including throwing a wood block under the front battery! I even have a T shaped stand of wood that folds up and goes on my BC carrier, but it is kind of big and inconvenient. That permanently mounted one of Waynes is still the best..a no brainer to use.

Murray Fisher
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