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Segway General Discussion General discussion related to any model of Segways, miniPROs, or Ninebots. Please do not post non-Segway technology posts here; use the technology forum instead.

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Default Segway Boards and General knowledge transfer

Hi All,

Im not sure what service is like where you are all from but here in the UK it is awful. We pretty much have one company who are very unresponsive and never answer their calls or emails leaving my business to fend for itself.

I am a competent, fixer of many things and studied electronics and computing for many years. The Segways parts in principle are very simple and I now have a fair few of them. Understanding what can be swapped by yourself or not is not so easy.

I have a Segway where the radio has died. I have plenty of spares i.e. boards, power units and radios of old segways but swapping these seems to be a challenge as they tend to be linked to each other.

That is where my question comes in:
- What parts on a segway (X2) are tied together? As the back board is always live to power the radio signal to the info key is it just these two? Therefore if you had a faulty front board or BSA you could swap them with a spare OR
- Are both boards, BSA and radio all linked together so impossible to swap any?

Im suspicious of the latter as I managed to get an old Segway working with a mix of parts BUT when trying to swap just the radio/power unit I get a frown error/exclamation mark on the key as it knows it isnt for that segway?

If I swapped the back board and radio that are matched should this work?

I dont want to be a screwdriver hero but do feel that in the UK there is little choice and also think if we could all knowledge share then we are less likely to go out of business and keep buying these things for our tour companies as it is making me look at alternatives due to high repair costs and not being able to get these done timely.

Thanks all :-)
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Sorry I don't have an answer for you. I have not been very active on this forum in a while but have noticed that the forum has transitioned to mostly Ninebot threads.Maybe you can contact Segway directly via email with your question.
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Hi Ramsey.

As far as I know, at least on the x2(not se), the radio board, bsa and rear main board are all coded together and cannot be seperated.

you can swap the front board for a different one as long as they are the same model.

I think that's the long and short of it.
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