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Default MiniPro handling off-road?

Can anyone give me more info on the MiniPro's capabilities?

Regarding riding it on grass, dirt, gravel, etc.

Would it be much bumpier of a ride than an X2? I would assume so since the tires aren't as big or thick, but they make it seem like the tires use good new technology.

They say it can handle 15 degree inclines, but how well, and could it when it's grass/dirt?

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I have ridden it on all of those. Grass was okay but my field is filled with horse hoof prints so it is bumpy which seemed stressful for the machine to do a lot. Motors sounded like they were really working. Smooth golf courses should be better for brief journeys.

I have also done my gravel road up and down hill. Smoothed out it was fine but the road has just been re-graveled which seemed too rough/bumpy. I doubt something as rough as grass in combination with a slope would be good. Maybe, it would be okay if you are closer to 100lbs than I am. I am 205lbs.

The tires are at 45-50psi and the platform is solid so you feel the bumps. The bumps don't bother me.

Lots of youtube videos of the Mini Pro on grass, snow/slush, and dirt roads. Furthermore, it is cheap-ish. You could try it and resell it if it doesn't fit your needs. I am going to beat up mine from use and wear it out. Then buy another.
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Thank you for all your useful points. I will have to check out the videos.

The bumps bother me more due to a medical condition. I am more like 120 lbs which helps a little.

Money-wise, it's kind of a lot for me, and I think it would be harder to sell in my area, but it's certainly cheap compared to the X2. I think I would really like to own both.

(What would be the best is a seat for the MiniPro! That doesn't cost $350+.)
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