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Originally Posted by MTOBATTERY View Post
Ok, I spoke with the dealer about this this morning so let me break it down for everyone to put this to rest.

First off, the machine Denise picked up was not the correct machine. That machine she picked up did have over 10k miles which is why it was winking. The dealer had two machines that looked identical and while her invoice showed the correct serial number but the machine that she was given had a different serial number . It's unfortunate that it happened but it was an honest mistake none the less. I know the dealer was genuinely embarrassed that this happened and I have been informed that they contacted her yesterday and were honest about the mistake after it was discovered. She now apparently has the correct machine in her possession and to the best of my knowlege this one isn't flirting with her or engaging in any sexual harassment like behavior . Bottom line, the Segway worked like it should have by winking and a mistake was corrected.

Denise, please feel free to correct me if anything I stated is not accurate. I hope you enjoy your Segway and have many great experiences and memories with it.
Jason, thank you so much for your post. Having a super-busy day at work on Thursday and having to pack for an early departure on Friday for a weekend out of town without computer access, I haven't had a chance to post the update. I do now have the correct machine that I picked up on Wednesday afternoon and all is well. I want to start by saying that I couldn't have chosen a more upstanding, conscientious and professional Segway dealer. In my opinion, this dealer has nothing to be embarrassed about. We have all made mistakes. It's how we handle them that makes all the difference. He immediately remedied it as soon as he realized what had happened. In his defense, he accommodated me quickly for the delivery as he was preparing to go out of town. I wanted to pick up the Segway during the time he was out of town. He had his "new" employee pull and prepare the unit for me to pick up on my short-notice timeline. I want to insert here as well that the "new" employee went out of his way to accommodate my "surprise" request to purchase 2 of the Segautostand kickstands and he offered to stay and install them on both of my units that morning while I waited. The dealer couldn't have left me in better, more capable hands. The young man was super accommodating and professional. I would have never guessed he was new. Though the mistake wasn't made directly by the dealer himself, he took full responsibility. I have nothing but the highest level of respect and admiration for this dealer and recommend him highly. I found him initially for a repair and was impressed from the onset with his extensive knowledge and expert repair skills....his fantastic personality was the icing! The character and integrity of this dealer was at the forefront of my entire experience with him.

I want to sincerely thank everyone who contributed to this thread. The reason I posted it in the first place is because my dealer was out of town at the time and this group was the next best avenue to find out why I was being winked at by my info key. What has also come out of this thread is the fact that the Segway works as it is designed, is very well-built and has a long life expectancy. If anyone has a Segway that continues past the 50K mark, I hope you will post because it is inspirational. Thank you Segway for building such a reliable machine and allowing us the thrill of owning them. I wish everyone happy and safe gliding!


Denise in Maryland
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Originally Posted by Tritium View Post
I took a good guess, not extremely unlikely at all.

I know quite well that Segways can acquire such a mileage.
i have an 2014 x2 i believe i just passed 10k im so proud that was my goal my infokey has a strange reading the left mileage number appears to be a 0 with a vertical 1 in the middle of the zero im very old and very disabled can anyone tell what this figure might be? i dont see well and am quite qurious im thrilled at making my first 10K
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Originally Posted by SegNerd View Post
You did not accurately guess that it was a third-hand InfoKey that had not updated itself yet. You simply didn't understand "winking" at all.

I'm not going to get sucked into another flame war, but you obviously stumbled upon the right answer for all the wrong reasons.
Your entire on forum persona invites being flamed, and then, and then, you come across all injured innocence like a virgin who has been wronged.
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Your entire on forum persona invites being flamed, and then, and then, you come across all injured innocence like a virgin who has been wronged.
um.... you did notice that the thread, including Segnerd's post, is three and a half years old.... right?
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