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Special Needs, Mobility and Disabled Use Information and discussion for those with special needs interested in the Segway.

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Default Denied Access on Public Trails or National Parks?

I was curious if any of you have had any issues riding your Segways at Public Trails or National Parks. I ordered 2x2" disability stickers on Amazon and stuck them on the sides and front of my X2.
The problem is, some parks have signs that specifically say "No motorized vehicles", and that's the grey area. I haven't been confronted yet by a park ranger. I usually get the fun comments from people who are amused at seeing a Segway, or the discriminating glares from the people who think I'm being lazy or am breaking the "no motorized vehicles" rule out of sheer rebellion.
I am, in fact, registered with the DMV as disabled. I can walk, but the Segway allows me to keep up with my family when they want to go on hikes. Otherwise, my arthritis, and stage 4 cancer keeps me from doing many things at the pace I used to. The Segway has truly been a great blessing!
I want to be prepared for the potential conversation with a park ranger or official of some sort if I'm approached about it. I've read that the Segway is not considered an official accessibility/disability device.
It's tricky because I don't "appear" handicapped, or terminally ill,....yet. I was only diagnosed a year ago, and all of my metastases are internal. Being only 45 and physically active up until a year ago, sometimes I have to convince people of it.
So, back to the question. Do any of you have any experiences to share?
Or any suggestions on how to approach the situation if you were to be approached by a Park Ranger and asked to leave?
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