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Not that I am looking to check out but going out in a blinding flash of light does no seem like to bad of a way to go
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Yes...of course...I recommend caves

look... water is a good conductor of electricity people on or in or near water are among those most at risk during thunderstorms....stay out of ditches...
I originally wrote, "It's better to do this in a depression in the earth, if you have the option". KSAGAL translated "depression" to "ditch" in his responses, presumably for dramatic effect. Subsequently, I also used "ditch" in a couple of responses, but I agree that "ditch" is a term for a trench often used for irrigation or drainage. Perhaps "ravine" or "gully" is better terminology. Anyway, "a low spot that gets you below the surrounding terrain, making you less likely to be struck directly".

I agree that staying out of standing/running water is appropriate because of the ground current of a nearby strike, but the highest risk factor around water is for people on beaches, docks, or in boats, because they're the highest feature and most likely to get clobbered directly.

Duck into a cave for lightning safety? See below:

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I found the links below earlier when I was fascinated with facts regarding lightning.
Remember: When thunder roars, go indoors!

Civicsman, Thank You for all your great posts!

Rubber tires protection fallacy

Lightning strikes vehicle ahead

Man in a car struck by lightning

Kind of boring yet informative

Boston Museum of Science demo

(9:36 and later) All about largest Van de Graaff generator at the Boston Museum of Science

Practical lightning advice

How lightning striking a car acts

Nightline report (many strikes)

Controlled (person in) car strike

5 people almost struck by lightning

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I remember hearing somewhere that pure water does not conduct electricity.

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