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Originally Posted by benzo View Post
I have 2 ES4 scooters and now only get 24 kph max on both. Maybe an update is coming soon.
I rode some 100km. Under warranty, stock firmware, very good condition. Rode with the light on a little, a few times I used the electronic brake on a slope, but didn't have any issues.

Then put it aside for winter, occasionally checked the battery. Took it out yesterday, battery ok, charged to full. Uphill started struggling, and felt weak to what it was before, but on flat it seemed fine.

Pulled the front wheel in air, and tried to accelerate, it seems Standard and Sport are working as expected, and the speed shows up as should (somewhere ~28 for standard, ~35 for sport, ~18 for limited).

Took out the external battery, checked all the screws (a few became slightly loose), did a reset (throttle + brake + power).

Tomorrow will take a ride, and will check again.

I haven't applied the latest update for Bluetooth and BMS (v0.1.4.6).

What I noticed is that before, it was consuming both batteries almost equally, and yesterday the internal was at ~46% and external at ~60%.
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