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Originally Posted by Pob1970 View Post
Been in touch with Ninebot and they want me to ship the unit to Germany to check the pcbs but can't find someone to ship it the parcel companies say segways are prohibited so will have to get back in touch with Ninebot
Transport problems are often caused by the batteries. Although one could expand the batteries and send the rest normal, but I believe that will bring in the present case nothing. It is also about liability and argument. So if the device can provide proof of an accident, I would never send it to the manufacturer's premises, but I would have it examined by an independent expert. Already, the public interest is very large, so the manufacturer's test result is already established.

I could write here now that the manufacturer will answer something like that: "We have the PCB's checked and can not find any error. Your fall must therefore have been a driver's fault.". But of course I do not write such a thing here.

Nice that the cheekbone remained intact. I wish you continued good recovery.
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