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I am new to both segways and to the forum mode of communication. I will probably do dumb things but I am game to learn and get on board. I live in Shelton, WA a small town, south of Seattle on Puget sound. I am retired but trying to stay current on as much as possible. I consider myself and early adopter. For example going back a ways my first VCR cost me $1200 and I thought I got a deal only paying $13 a piece for blank tapes. I have always loves energy saving and new things. I built a solar heater for my wood shop about 2 years ago. Now I have purchased and old nonworking but clean Segway. No key, dead batteries NiKMh and at a loss as to what to do next. Not much money spent so far and I don't mind spending some but I have to waste money on a dead horse. Any suggestions what I should do next this beautiful 2 wheeled hand truck into a fun ridder? Any advice is welcome.
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