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I've run into the same issue (Error code 10) on my ES4 twice now while charging. The first time I unmounted the handlebars and disconnected/reconnected the internal cable, which did indeed solve the problem, but I'm curious what causes it and how to fix it.

The 2nd time this just happened while charging, I disconnected power, waited a moment, then re-connected power - the dash unit came back to life and went back into charge mode with no error.

I suspect at this point that the core issue is the iPhone app disconnecting due to iPhone timing out the unused app in the background, and while the scooter is in that "hybrid-mode ??? (Where it's connected to the app, but the screen is in charge mode, NOT showing the bluetooth icon) - that upon disconnect of the app it confuses the unit and causes the code 10. This is JUST a theory but it's only happened to me twice so far, so this is what I've been able to deduce thus far.

Does this sound remotely likely?
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