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I may be able to assist you.

I have the technical capability to create and to edit gen 1 keys.

HOWEVER to do this I do need to know your keycode.
There are 4 ways this can be known;
a - It was printed on a piece of paper that came with the machine.
b - it can be read back from any working key.
c - in the past, Segway would provide this to bona fide owners ( but this may no longer be the case )
d - some Segway dealers kept records of the machines they originally sold ( we did, and still have records for Australian machines ).

So if you can meet any one of these keycode criteria, we can assist you.

Kind regards

I just read your other post.
If none of the 4 options above, are possible, then maybe try this;
Post your machine's serial number and hope that somebody out there might have your info.

( serial number is/was on a sticker at the rear of the base, and also engraved into the chassis under the battery ( so remove battery )).

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