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Originally Posted by rambron View Post

I just got a Mini Pro and am wondering if anyone else thinks that the reverse steering is opposite of what it should be. Does anyone know a way to switch it?

When going forward, you lean into turns and it turns as you would expect; just like a skateboard. Lean left, go left. But going backwards, leaning the same direction causes it to turn the opposite direction. Lean left, go right. Does mine have an issue or is it designed like that?

Maybe I'm too used to skateboarding, but whatever way you lean to turn the wheels, should be the same in either direction. I keep getting knocked off when I maneuver quickly in reverse and forget to lean opposite of what feels natural.
The control bar directs the nose of the MiniPro not the tail. The big Segways do the same. It is speculated that it is part of what caused the fatal accident of the owner of the company. Furthermore, Ellen fell off of hers by trying to turn while moving in reverse.

Do not try to turn while backing as the instructions clearly say. It is better to do a quick 180 in place and head forward instead of backing a long distance. And have fun counting how many Segway riders in youtube videos fall off due to turning while backing.
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