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Originally Posted by vicsueb View Post

I've not responded yet, as I'm still researching. Carnival is not a stranger when it comes to offenses of the ADA. Has anyone heard that such a waiver was issued by the DOJ, or even possible that such a waiver exists. Would appreciate very much if the folks in the Segway community would share their thoughts and as a community get to the truth, as I can't fathom that the DOJ would ever give such a broad waiver and set a precedent that can easily affect other forms of disability mobility vehicle. Thank you for taking the time to read my post.
Best to all, Vic
The Segway is identified as an "Other" (alternate?) mobility assist device. Like golf carts are. Organizations are free by the ADA to refuse to allow them if they are a hazard. Banned if they are a hazard in the organization's expert opinion (falls, crashes, fire hazards, etc). It covers someone showing up with a 25mph electric unicycle, segway, motorcycle, golf cart, or whatever, and claiming it as their mobility device with the same access rights as a wheelchair, electric wheelchair/scooter.

I think it is all on the DOJ website with the breakdown for unique vehicles that users might find better suited for their needs but don't get the full ADA right to all access (if hazardous).
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