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Originally Posted by Pescador12 View Post
Interesting that the bar comes already assembled on the Lite. A big box? The Mini Pro had to have its control bar attached/assembled by the owner when they opened the box.

That bar might be glued on. The Mini Pro version has had owners let the bar clamp get loose, then break the interlocking pin, so it would fall off the next time they pick it up by the control bar. The Mini would be damaged and they would want a new one. Making it non removable would solve many support center headaches.

You could try blow dryer heat to soften any glue and expand the control bar a bit.

BTW, there is a lady on youtube doing an unboxing of a Lite. She demonstrates it by riding it around her living room. But, you can see the tail lights are in front and she is unknowingly riding it backwards. I don't understand how she could stay upright on it with the steering reversed. Funny stuff.
Sadly, it wasn’t pre-assembled. I installed it out of box - just two simple screws. Really didn’t seem like a big deal when I put it on; two screws to install, two to remove. The screws come out easily enough - but the bar feels like it welded itself in place. When the new one comes, I’m going to check it to make sure there’s no barbs or anything inside the bracket that would cause it to catchnor be a one-way attachment. But I sure as heck am not going to put it on. :-)

Ah well - I’ll give this one to my nephew for his birthday; he’ll love every second of it. It’s not like the thing isn’t fully functional - just that my son wants the handlebar so it’s like a real Segway. (And given how many bones he’s managed to break in the last few years, I’d say that’s a good idea!)

Ps - yes if you have a link to the video I can use a laugh too! The LITE is surprisingly stable and works really, really well. I did turn on the reverse beeping (like a truck) so in case my son does get on it wrong, it’ll warn him. Surprisingly easy to do, actually.
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