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I dropped the hammer at Best Buy yesterday, and picked up a black MP. They priced matched with Amazon, so I got $205 off the $799 they had listed. The sales guy was amazed at the difference. They still had one left on the shelf, but I don't know if they had any in the back.

I think I'll call him Stewball, so far I have a couple of miles on him with the knee pads. I can't seem to find where the app lets me increase the speed limit, so I'm still at 10 km/hr speed limit. Since I've already had my first fall and my first road rash, I think 10 km/hr will do just fine for now.

Didn't have a roundtuit to install the handle bar and kickstand yet, I wanted to het a feel for him with the knee pads in order to better judge if I like the knee pads or handle bars better, and my how much.
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