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Originally Posted by arcamedies View Post
The best advice you can get is do what you want to, thousands of people will talk you out of doing something because they can't see your vision. Everyone on a tour signs a waiver. "Factory Direct 4 Ninebot" is selling new PTR Elites for $1795 a piece to blow out 500 units, these are the low cost Segways half the weight, Ninebot bought Segway in 2015, get a few and see what happens with less than $10,000 you can grow as you need to. PayPal has financing available as well. Best of luck
As you state correctly......The part your missing, is with the cheaper Ninebots there is no redundancy....My biggest fear would be what the insurance would be monthly, and what would it be after the first uncontrolled shutdown?

Remember roller skating rinks?....Slides and diving boards in hotels?

Just food for thought.
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