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Default SegSaddle on SE

Hi Jeff

I've sold about half a dozen SegSaddles about a decade or so ago, so I am familiar with the product. These days, I don't actually have one in my workshop to take a look at, however.

I don't think your SegSaddle will fit the SE, unless you modify it. This is because the front of the SegSaddle bolts into the two holes on the PowerBase located either side of the front end of the pivot. The SE pivot uses these two holes. A workshop should be able to resolve this problem for you, one way or another.

The other problem may be that the front of the SE centre console might rise up too might need to physically check this for yourself? If it won't fit I don't know how you'd work around it.

If it helps, here is the manual for the SegSaddle.

Segway New Zealand
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