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Originally Posted by FrostyEOD View Post
Can you get permission from the University to conduct for-profit activities (and Segway use by a tour company) on campus?

Seems like I'd get that answer (in writing if possible) before I spent a dime on getting hardware.
I've actually been thinking about this a lot. Luckily, as a police officer, I think I have a fairly good idea just what the university could and could not do about Segway tours being offered on campus. Essentially, our traffic laws in Texas (which also apply on campus since it is a public institution) allow EPAMDs (Segways) to be operated on sidewalks, in bike lanes (which we have a lot of here), and sometimes even in the main roadway (main lane of traffic). With those laws on my side, I really can't think of much that the university could do short of something like a general Segway ban on campus. And I'm not sure they could even do that since Segways are classified as EPAMDs. Of course, I would want to conduct myself and my tours in a way that wouldn't come close to pressing my luck. I would want to speak with officials at the school first and tout my proposal as an attempt to be an ambassador for the university (all the while admittedly making a profit for myself). I'm going to try and talk to a couple friends that work for the University Police Department here in the coming days about any problems they might foresee or experiences they've had with Segway operation on the campus. I'll let y'all know what I learn.

I'm still curious about insurance costs though...
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