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Default Just ordered 2 - what's the difference between Amazon and ebay?

I'm a former owner of 4 Segways over the years... but that was years and years ago. I always said the original should have been under $2K, then inching closer to $1K in order to drive mass adoption, plus there should have been built-in lighting, a retractable lock, and a retractable power cord. This doesn't hit all of those items, but I'm so excited that the pricing is down to $999, so I ordered 2 yesterday and look forward to having them arrive in a month or so!

With that said, there are a decent number of listings on ebay for units that are showing up for $499 and up... what's the difference between these two units? They look similar (the wheels/tires are slightly different) so I'm not too sure. Wanting the 'latest and greatest', I'm going for the Amazon ones and will stick with them.

The lower-priced units that are similar (even controlled with the same app) give me hope that we'll be seeing these units get closer and closer to $500 one day... maybe not this year, but I bet by November 2017, especially as battery prices are dropping steadily.

Am glad to be back in the Segway world! I really missed my Segs, worked hard to get them adopted and accepted here in Arizona, and fondly remember the days of riding 3 miles to work, right into the office building, then into the elevator right to my cubicle. Then, after buying a hotel I would still ride them to work all the time. I was a version 1.0 turbo-nerd.

With this newer Ninebot Mini, I'm so glad to see the marketing shifted to a more radically acceptable marketing model... I'd like to see more visual statements for disabled individuals, as I think the community of people living with disabilities can really be the shot needed for widespread adoption and acceptance. Sure, anyone can ride an electric wheelchair anywhere but most people don't want to unless they need to.... but this is different... but I'd hate for the previous anti-Segway and current anti-hoverboard fear-filled zealots to be up in arms over something that's truly a wonderful product that solves real-world problems.

Take care everyone, it's great to be back!!!

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