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Default I Struggle With A Solution, Also

Originally Posted by Don M View Post
I think I would pick up a length of chain and a good lock. With a cable it might be hard to wrap it around something securely, but with a chain I think you could loop it around the vertical post on the minipro and then around whatever fixed object is nearby

Seems to me that anyone who knows about the quick release lock for the knee control bar could remove the bar and get around that chaining option.

I'm thinking that a very tight figure-of-eight loop around the base and center cabin might work. Both loops would wrap over and under the base. One end of the chain could be the start of the loop and a lock U-bolt could attach that end to the center of the figure-of-eight. The free end of the chain could then wrap around a secure object and attach to the lock so that three links (both free ends and the center of the f-o-e) go through the lock's bolt/loop. The f-o-e needs to be a tight one so that a thief couldn't remove the knee control bar and jimmy the f-o-e loops over the center cabin and a wheel.

Just a thought. I'll have to get a tape measure or cord to see if this would work. The length of hardened steel chain might end up being pretty heavy.

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