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Default Paranoid about theft of Segway MiniPro

My partner recently picked up a Minipro on Amazon Prime day, and it's very cool. (I'm kicking myself for not getting one too.) Part of her reason was practical in that back and hip issues limit her walking; so the Minipro seemed a great solution.

We're planning a vacation that will involve visiting several historic places, shops, etc.; and I'm expecting to have to leave the Minipro outside for some if not most places. I'm very concerned about theft. Yeah, it has the locking feature, the alarm feature, and the notification feature; but let's face it, it weighs 28 pounds and it's not hard to pick up and run off with.

I realize it's a relatively new item, but is there any history of theft being an issue? Are there security products (locks, cable, etc.) others can recommend to keep the little thing safe outside while we're inside a building?

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