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I make my living as an electro-mechanical engineer, and you have dismissed that. Good for you.

I do not recall ever saying that your theory about squatting was electrically unsound. You were the one who called it a theory in your first mention of it.

I did say on several points that your guesses and estimations were most likely reasonable.

I am simply saying that they are not necessarily germane.

There are lots of people, when asked a question that has no reasonable answer, because the variables are too great and uncontrollable, will answer anyway. It makes them feel smarter, because they answered the unanswerable question.

Can what you say make you more likely to survive a lightening strike? Maybe. I never said it wouldn't. All I said is that you are more likely to hurt yourself trying to squat in a ditch than to simply go home.

You can tell all that are reading (both of us) that I am an ignoramus. I probably am. But that will not stop me from telling nice older women that if they are afraid of being struck by lightening, it is unlikely, and their best plan of action is to go home. Even if it is already raining.

Except for your attacking my postings and my personal conclusions based on the research that I did, and you said I should do, you have not offered any substantiation of any survivors who squatted in a ditch to become survivors.

So, since you cannot and choose not to offer any conclusive proof that what you say will actually apply to the situation, you attack my statements that while some will answer, the truth is that question has no real answer.

The OP, in post #1, asked for safety advice, when caught in the rain on a seg. The safest thing to do is go home. That is what she did. She even mentioned that she had a rain coat with her, but had reasoned it was better to make the dash for home rather than stop and put it on. Again, she did the most prudent thing. I believe she was right. She survived to tell us so. Evidence would indicate that her plan was a good one, although there is no conclusive evidence that it was the only good one.

I do find it entertaining when you post that I don't understand basic electricity, instead of acknowledging that there is a difference between a "book" correct answer and a common sense, real world appropriate action.

For any who may be still reading, if you are sure you are about to be struck by lightening, feel free to squat in a ditch with your heels together, as instructed. If you are already mobility impaired, that may be difficult, but do not worry. If you are not, and you spend enough time squatting in ditches in the rain, I suspect your knees will let you know what a good plan that was, long before the lightening actually proves me wrong, and soon enough you will join the ranks of the mobility impaired.

Additionally, my apparent lack of basic electrical understanding which my employer is luckily unaware of, has not overly impacted my ability to earn a living in an electromechanical engineering capacity, because I use my skills to provide a service for which I am compensated for, and that compensation pays for my ability to provide for my family.

One last question. Does the titanium in my knee (thanks to Army doctors) impact if I should be pointing my knees toward the impending lightening bolt? Am I more likely to be hit on my right knee (because of the metal in it) than the left one? Oh well, I guess that was two. It is okay, I also lack the basic understanding of mathematics and counting...
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