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Originally Posted by nickyboy View Post
Would'nt it be even better if this kind of information was fed down to us dealers?
Now when we get asked about legality issues we can quote a minister saying there will be no prosecution providing you follow the "rules".

Now to continue the debate. Where I live there is an extensive route of "cycle lanes", which are highlighted in red, on the pavement. I wonder how we stand with regards to that? I personally always ride on these if I can.
So the unofficial rules are:
  1. Segways must be operated in a civilised mannner
  2. Segways must not be operated on pavements or pedestrian areas where the general public would be at risk
That second rule could mean - do not operate on pavements, or do not do so where the public would be at risk, which, if combined with rule number one, could mean they can be used on the pavement providing they do not people the public at risk, i.e. by riding them in a civilised manner (no swearing on them then ).

Cycles lanes are a good choice but there just arn't enough of them - and when they suddenly end, what do you do? Stay on (or join) the road or join the pavement - or just stop?

I would add further unofficial rules (which basically elaborate on rule #1 aboe)

Segways must:
  • always give way to pedestrians and riders in mobility scooters
  • never pass a pedestrian without sufficient space to safely pass
  • always operate at speeds suitable to their environment (i.e. walking speed when amongst/passing pedestrians)
  • [must be more]
(perhaps we could develop some gliding etiquette for the discerning UK glider)
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