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NeverMore 10-26-2019 11:39 AM

I was awarded a Segway i2 for my military injuries from Segs4Vets.
I had my Segway i2 on a Segvator mounted to my 5th wheel. The Segvator states no tie downs or straps needed. Well it fell off between stops. It was all the way up in the locked position with a Segway style made rain cover. It was lost in Oklahoma between Northern Oklahoma border and Woodward Oklahoma, on October 6th 2019, we backtracked 150 miles, but could not find it. It did not have info key on it so no one should be able to get an InfoKey made for it.
I called the police, sheriff and highway patrol in Kanas and Oklahoma to report it missing. My insurance only gave me a 1/3 of what a new one would cost.
I bought a newer one with only 111 miles on it. I came with 2 InfoKeys and comfort pads and 3 sets of tires.
I will always insure that it will be tied down and ratchet strapped secure enough to shore up a battle ship.

I’m so glad that I put insurance on it and immediately put insurance on my replacement.
This is from when I first saw it, it’s now cleaned up and shined.

NeverMore 10-26-2019 12:00 PM

:) Always insure your Segway.

NeverMore 10-27-2019 01:00 PM[/URL]

TahoeJoe 10-28-2019 12:22 AM

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First of all, thank you for your service NeverMore. I think a shout out to Segs4Vets is also in order! I did not know of this, but Segs4Vets has provided over 2,000 Universally Designed Mobility Devices in support of our Nation's Heroes.

That's good advice, sorry that happened to you, that really sucks. I can't imagine how awful that must have been to get where you're going and to walk behind your trailer and unload your Segway, and see that it's GONE!

OMG! That's terrible. You must have hit quite a bump or something for the segway to unseat like that. Are you 100% sure it wasn't stolen? Maybe at a rest stop? Here's a couple pics of my carrier, I just wanted you to see there is a 1" bar that secures it in place and is lockable. The guy I bought my 2 x2's from had it made (working tail lights too) because there was nothing like it available in the market. Maybe you can check into having a (lockable) bar welded onto your carrier. I am glad to hear to you did get a replacement, a great ending to the story.

NeverMore 10-28-2019 11:31 PM

We did hit a railroad tracks that was quite a bump. We got back to that area just as the sun was rising we looked all over and found no sign of it.
Yes it was quite a shock to see it gone.

Iíve been checking eBay and other sites. No luck in finding any info on it.
I contacted the Segway company to report it missing!

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