<% 'Set the response buffer to true as we maybe redirecting Response.Buffer = True Dim strMode 'Holds whether the page is to add a new item or amend a journal item Dim lngJournalID 'Holds the ID number of the Journal Item Dim rsJournal 'Database recordset holding the journal items Dim strAuthor 'Holds the username of the author Dim strAuthorEmail 'Holds the authors e-mail Dim strJournalTitle 'Holds the title of the journal item Dim strShortJournalItem 'holds the short journal item Dim strJournalItem 'Holds the journal item Dim blnComments 'set to true if the users can leave comments 'Initialise variables strMode = "New" 'If the session variable is False or does not exsist then redirect the user to the unauthorised user page If Session("blnIsUserGood") = False or IsNull(Session("blnIsUserGood")) = True then 'Redirect to unathorised user page Response.Redirect"unauthorised_user_page.htm" End If %> Segway Chat - Segway HT News and Discussion Forum
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Blogger's Add Journal Item Screen
Add Journal Item
Return to the Site Journal Administrator Menu

File out the form below to add a new Journal Item to your web site.

HTML can be added to the Journal Item for formatting etc.
If you are not familiar with HTML you can use the buttons to create the HTML for you that will format your Journal Item.
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