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What is a Segway?

The Segway Personal Transporter (originally known and also commonly referred to as a Segway, or Segway Human Transporter or Segway HT) is a 2-wheeled, self-balancing, electric powered personal transportation device designed to be used on sidewalks and in other pedestrian environments.

Itís also an environmentally friendly alternative to gas-guzzling cars and buses, intuitive & easy to use, and a lot of fun! For more information, please visit Segway's website.

DIY How-To's for Your Segway

Want to know how to perform some common task on your Segway? Well, chances are, one of our members has already done it. Check for it below...

Rewiring the handlebars (additional/new information)

Creating new comfort mats for the i2

12-Trim Piece LEDs for i2

Extending Valve Stems on the I-180

Installing a Speedo bike gauge on a Segway:

Flipping the charging LEDs to the top of the plug:

Mounting & Dismounting Segway Tires:

Making your own Segway Keys on a Mac:

Pimping your Segway - intalling an alarm light, swapping out a blinky

Making i-button keys

Painting your Segway

Rewiring the handlebars

Segway Surgery

What are common error codes and what do they mean?

Segway HT (Gen 1)

We do not have reference information for the Segway HT's error codes, which may still be found in your original owner's guide that came with the HT. The Segway HT (p Series, i Series, and XT) didn't have numerical codes, only changes in what the display UI shows upon startup. More detailed error information is available, but only through an authorized Segway dealer (or Segway itself) plugging in a special diagnostic computer.

Segway PT (Gen 2)

Segway does not make an error code list available, comparing the Segway PT's error code system similar to a car's diagnostic system -- that the same error code could have different meanings depending upon other data.

However, owners are still reporting what their error codes mean based upon information told to them by Segway or dealers.

Here are some of the most common ones collected so far for Gen 2 machines (i2/x2):

  • E40F The front CU board reports power base fault
  • E407 The rear CU board reports power base fault
  • E205 Controller board has a malfunction
  • E17F Aggressive braking
  • E17F The front CU board reports power base fault
  • E10D The front CU board reports power base fault
  • E10A Power base failure / other controller is having trouble
  • E102 Dead battery / battery / board communication problem
  • E102 Uphill or downhill too soon after stepping on in balance mode
  • E102 One controller board is having a problem communicating with the batteries
  • E086 Error in the propulsion subsystem
  • E086 Error in the propulsion subsystem
  • E04A The front CU board reports power base fault
  • E04C The front CU board reports power base fault
  • E042 The rear CU board reports power base fault
  • E027 The rear CU board reports fault detected in the attached battery pack
  • E017 Excessive Moisture E17F The front CU board reports power base fault (May be due to excessive moisture)
  • E015 Step on and make a quick 180
  • E014
  • E012 Illegal shutdown
  • E003 Not found
  • C208 The front CU board reports the temperature of the battery packs is too hot or too cold
  • C108 Battery packs report too cold
  • C106 Low power
  • C103 Temperature
  • C100 The rear CU board reports the battery packs do not have sufficient charge to continue safe operation
  • C040 Loss of traction

What's the recommended tire pressure for a Segway?

15 psi to 18 psi, depending upon your preferences, for an i Series/i2. You can inflate to slightly higher pressures to get more distance from each charge. You can deflate to slightly lower pressures to get a softer, more squishy ride.

For the XT/x2, tire pressure range is in the 4 psi to 8 psi, again depending upon your ride comfort level.

Help! Someone stole my Segway!
Report your stolen Segway within this thread and to your local police department. You may also want to inform both your dealer and Segway Inc. about the theft.

How long does a Segway last?
With proper care and maintenance, Segways can last anywhere from a minimum of 5 years to likely 20+ years. Only wear items -- such as tires and batteries -- need to be replaced on a regular basis (depending upon usage).

How much does a Segway cost? Can I get a "deal" from a dealer?
Segways range in price, but typically go for around $5,000. You can get a "deal" from an authorized Segway dealer, who has leeway to negotiate on price just like a car dealer can. Don't expect to negotiate more than 10% off the MSRP price, however, as Segways generally don't carry a large margin.

Do you ever host live online chats with Segway?

SegwayChat has indeed held live online chats with Segway management and key members of the Segway team in the past.

You can view the transcripts of these Segway chats here.

Next Chat: Join us for an upcoming live chat on Tuesday, April 8 (8:00 pm ET / 5:00 pm PT) with Eric Fleming and Stephanie Francoeur from Segway Inc. to hear about a new Segway website that's in the works.

Where can I learn more about questions I have about the Segway?
From Segway itself and their own Segway FAQ.

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