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07-18-2011, 02:32 PM
I had the worst experience with Segway Mexico. I started my own business with 4 segways, through the months I ended up with 14. The extra 10 came from Segway Mexico.

The business was doing great, but as any other vehicle, it fails, so 4 of them were "down", I quickly asked for Segway Mexico "expert" opinion, and they told me that they needed me to sent the vehicles to Mexico City and probably to the US. They took about 8 months to tell me that 2 of them were going under warranty and 2 of them were not, so I needed to pay about 6,000 usd for repairs (a brand new one in Mexico is about 7K). During the negotiations the number came down to 4K aprox (common it took them 8 months just for a diagnose). I agreed, and then it took 4 months for them to deliver the machines (TOTAL REPAIR TIME: 12 months).

Meanwhile other vehicles started to fail, so an "expert" came to look at them, just to tell me that they were going to have to send them to the US.

To make a long story short, of the 14 Segways I had, 8 of them were broken (not simulataneously but it took about 4 months for SegMex to even send a guy and 2 more to make a decision, so in the meantime they started to fail), and 4 of them were being repaired by Segway Mexico. So obviously I had to shut down the place and start selling the Segways.

Thanks to the "expert" hand and "excellent" service of Segway Mexico I lost that business.

Overall experience: The worst company that I have ever made business with. At the end you feel ripped off and deceived by them.