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11-10-2008, 02:54 PM

11-10-2008, 04:02 PM
I have no doubt that Segway of Oakland will have provided some, if not many of their customers with good or excellent service. Perhaps I am picky or perhaps the fact that I'm in another country and had to rely mainly on e-mail for communications, is the reason why I felt my overall experience was so negative.

I recently purchased an e167 from Segway of Oakland (my money went to slide4less.com, just in case people think they are an entirely separate team of people – they are not).

I received a message from slide4less in response to my interest in purchasing an e167. In fact, I received messages from 3 different people who at the time were also selling an e167. This is important because it meant I had a choice. Each machine was in different condition and of course advertised at different prices.

I phoned Steve at Segway of Oakland and talked to him for long enough to know he was the kind of guy who knew what he was talking about. I asked him to describe the unit, the condition etc., and we talked about various options and prices. One for a Li-ion equipped PT and one for re-built NiMH. We ended our conversation with Steve suggesting I put all of my requirements in an e-mail. So far so good.

It all went down hill after I sent a detailed list of what I wanted. I had a list of accessories on it and wanted a full cost for everything including delivery to the UK. At this point I was introduced to Luis who would handle my request from here on in.

I received an invoice listing everything I wanted, including shipping, but for a Li-ion equipped machine. This was a mistake. I had requested a NiMH so I informed Luis and paid the lower price for NiMH.

Time passed and I hadn’t received confirmation of postage. I was disappointed that it took a week (from memory, maybe more) and it took a couple of phone calls to get it shipped.

When it landed, I was delighted. However, I opened the box and firstly it wasn’t the machine described to me on the phone. The condition didn’t seem to match either – although I guess this is subjective. Steve and I had discussed a 2002/03 red button machine with the original Hypertronics connectors. I received a 2004 blue button machine with Elcon connectors. As my reason for purchase was to own as near an original machine as possible, I was quite specific when this was discussed on the phone. So this was a major disappointment – but hey, the new connectors are better, I guess.

The other major disappointment was the lack of accessories. There was none! All of the original e167 bits were present (apart from a missing screw) but no lock, no handlebar guard, no quick release, no comfort mat etc.

A period of e-mailing followed, with one or two phone calls thrown in. It turns out they had made a mistake with my invoice – the accessories shouldn’t have been listed. Not only that, but after I made them aware of this they then – AT THIS POINT – sent me a fresh invoice without the accessories explaining why none were included, and tried alleviate themselves of any responsibility – as if to say, well, we did send you an invoice to clarify – but hello, this came way after the event. They used the same invoice number too.

Anyway, not one to feel down in the dumps, we agreed a new deal (with me now in a less powerful position having already paid in full), and this was for some of the accessories so long as I bought a few more. So I made a list of some additional things to buy and the others I expected to receive as part of the original deal. I ended up planning to spend about $300 more.

Days turned into weeks. E-mails were exchanged. I eventually got them to agree to include most of what I wanted, apart from one or two parts (kickstand and comfort mat). I felt quite patronised at times as they explained to me how a kickstand for the e167 doesn’t exist... Anyway, I set a deadline for an update and received a voicemail promising, yet again, the info would be with me today. Nothing turned up. I eventually threatened to call the whole thing off unless I received an accurate invoice detailing everything.

Well, I received an invoice but it had no shipping cost on it. The last e-mail I sent a few weeks ago was asking for them to please give me the cost including shipping so I could pay them.

I eventually decided just to give up. Life is too short and I know with the great bunch of people out there I will be able to get the bits I need eventually.

Overall, I feel like I was ripped off. I ended up paying over-the-odds for a machine which wasn’t as described (in a major way) and also didn’t include ANY of the accessories which I wanted – and of course these were a major part of me deciding to purchase this machine from Segway of Oakland. I could have spent nearly $1000 less with someone else for another machine (but without accessories and probably slightly worse condition).

Anyway, I hope slide4less read this and learn something from it. I was so keen to close a positive deal throughout and put up with all the broken promises, delays and mistakes. I just couldn’t wait any longer.


I believe my comments here are justified and I am happy to explain or elaborate on any of the points I have made. I stand by them and have the e-mails to back them up.

I thought long and hard about posting about my experience on SegwayChat, and I probably wouldn't have done it, if slide4less hadn't enquired about how to establish their place in the dealer reviews section. I'm not one to wash my dirty laundry in public but I don't like being taken for a fool either. I have dealt with several US dealers in my time here on SegwayChat and this is the first time I have had a problem – and I know for certain where I won’t be spending any more of my money or recommending that people give them a call or purchase from their eBay store.

11-11-2008, 01:45 AM
Segway of Oakland can be a mixed bag. If you are talking to Steve you are in luck, anyone else and you never know.

Steve knows his Segways, he is happy to share his knowledge and is not one to pull punches about how difficult dealing with Inc. as been for him. He's never lied to me although at times he does forget little details. But he always has made it right in the long run.

The store itself is not what I would call pretty, there are two parts, the Front showroom has a nice display of new machines in the window, but the back of the store is where "it all happens."

When you first walk into the back entrance off the north parking lot you will most likely be greeted by Honey, Steve's Yellow lab, what a great dog! Along the east wall of the shop will be between 5 and 20 segways lined up for rental or repair. To the right is a glass counter with segway and electric skateboard parts on display.

Behind the counter are boxes, boxes, and more boxes filled with Segway parts. Need a handgrip, red, yellow or gray, they have it. How about that screw you lost? There it is. Every possible part you could need is stocked. Go behind the counter to the left and in what appears to be the back of an old garage, you have more tires, shafts, CSBs than you can imagine. I was like a kid in a candy store!

If you are looking for a spic and span, ubber professional shop, Segway of Oakland is probably going to disappoint you. If you are looking for a shop that can fix your problem and sell you any part you need, this is the place. Good prices on new and used machines and better than expected service.

I have purchased three segways from them. I have recommend them to many other purchasers as well. I would buy from then again.

11-11-2008, 01:41 PM
I bought my first Segway from Steve. I have been very happy with his service and all of the issues with the sale. I have also bought many accessories from Steve and like the large stock of used parts he carries. He has been very helpful teaching us how to repair our own Segways. Those of us who play polo all now own the bar that was his idea to adjust wheel wobble.

When it comes time for a new Segway I am sure that I will return to his dealership. I also still take my machine to him for repairs.


11-11-2008, 03:39 PM
I have never bought any segways from Steve or Segway of Oakland, and want to state that up front.

I have however seen Steve at some national events and have had many different conversations with him over the past several years...

He has always been very friendly, very segway knowledgeable, and very accessible to me. I have used him for a resource when I modify a segway, and his knowledge and willingness to share that knowledge has always been very freely offered.

I have only rated the portions of the business, thru Steve that I can personally attest to, but I would not hesitate to send a friend to, and have done so in the past, get segways or segway information from them...

04-18-2009, 09:19 AM
Segway of Oakland is the place to help,or parts for new and used segways.
I have never had better service from any company,Ever!!
Steve Stienberg is the Man!!!!!!!

02-16-2011, 09:48 PM
I have a mixed bag from Steve and from Segway of Oakland....

I am in Atlanta and had a PT that was Golf equipped. I traded for a used Xt that was Golf equipped. the first call was for information to support their web site and felt I was put off....he was too busy to talk....maybe a bad day, too much going on.....

I called back a week later and we agreed to have him ship a used XT/Gt and then I reboxed my PT and sent it back for 'credit'.

The XT arrived indeed as used.....3500 miles on it, the left wheel wobbled, and I run into 5-10 E024 error codes each time I go to the course. An e024error code is a yawB problem. I have since rebalanced the tires using a car carborator points gauge to make sure the wheel flange is properly spaced to the motor housing. Hopefully this wil clear up the E024 problem.

I have called Steve and asked for 4 battery screws as only 4 were on the unit when it needs 8. He would ship them right out.....it is two weeks and counting. If the item is indeed inspected prior to shipment, this should not have been a problem to start with.

I also asked Steve for an invoice.....still waiting!

The PT that I sent was insured for $2000 as that is what Steve quoted as a reasonable price for the trade in. He gave me $1250 and stated that a fender was broken and the handle bar was broken in shipment. He never sent me photographs to support his information, nor did he offer to assist with a damage claim with UPS. It is now too late. I am out both a higher price then was first quoted and out a possible claim.

Steve may be a very nice person, but service to those that are not local leaves a lot to be desired. Maybe when I get to San Fran in June I will stop by the store and pick up the invoice and screws.

02-28-2011, 02:50 PM
I called up the other day to place an order for a Lean Steer Release and a Lean Steer Adjustment knob.

I asked if they had both used they said yes and got a quote after shipping and it would be about $41. They would email me later that day the receipt.

Well a couple days later:

NO EMAIL with reciept!


Was told on the phone when I called them...... "oops sorry, we don't have those parts used if you dont like it, ship it back."


JM Wilber
04-26-2012, 11:22 PM
got IRC tires deliver was on my porch the 3rd day (fedEx)

07-28-2013, 02:12 AM
PLEASE put a ZERO rating so customers can rate companies what they are ZERO. After spending valuable time explaining what I needed on the phone and assured I would receive a phone call back. It's been three months and no phone call. I had to rate (1) because that's the lowest I can rate these time wasters. Seriously how difficult is it to call someone back when that call can earn you a sale. :thumbsdown:

07-28-2013, 03:22 AM
I asked them to call me regarding selling and buying and after 3 months, I have up all hope.
I then order something from their site and after many days, I get no tracking and no product and nobody knows what happened to my order.