View Full Version : Segway of Scheels

04-02-2008, 05:34 PM
Segway of Scheels is the only dealership located in the state of Iowa at the moment. If you go into the ground floor of scheels and look for the bike department, you'll find a lone x2 up on a pedestal. There's some advertising material scattered around the base, and a gen 1 Segway poster against a nearby wall, but that's about it. If you're interested in a demo ride or purchasing a Segway or accessories, go to the nearby customer service area and ask. Jeff, the bike shop manager, is the one who handles the Segway buisness and he does a pretty good job considering how small a part of the store's buisness is actually Segway related. Their service department can help with user-replacable parts, but is not certified to do any additional repairs, though they can take care of sending it off to Inc. for you if need be.

As for inventory, they don't appear to stock any Segway accessories that I'm aware of, so everything will have to be special ordered and can take a while to arrive. In addition, the only model they seem to have stock on hand for is the x2. Don't expect to get any sort of discount either, strictly MSRP on pretty much everything.

In all, they do a pretty good job. Don't expect the royal treatment that some stand alone dealerships provide, but if you're looking to buy a Segway or some parts and live in Iowa these guys can definitely help, and if you have questions or need to order something by phone they've always done a good job of that too.