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  1. Segway Facts/Rumors/Events
  2. Disney Cruise Line Offers Segway To Guests
  3. Daley sold on scooters, London-style taxis here
  4. Rolling along
  5. Segway Goes to Capital Hill
  6. Segway LLC Enterprise Newsletter - Issue 2
  7. Advanced scooter arrives in area (Toledo)
  8. Gov. Davis Signs California Bill
  9. City's downtown welcomes workers riding Segways
  10. Move to ban scooters from S.F. sidewalks
  11. Inspiring invention
  12. Segway faces regulation in California
  13. Mayor says sponsors would pay for high-tech vehicl
  14. SF Supe Seeks Segway Scooter Ban
  15. Segway's uphill battle in California
  16. Novel Transport Vehicle Makes Its Montclair Debut
  17. Segway could travel future roads (Followup)
  18. Segway Is On Way To The UK
  19. Seattle meter readers test high-tech scooters
  20. Seattle meter readers will really scoot
  21. Snow slows new HT device
  22. Segway Seeks Strategy, Legal Status
  23. Skateboarding commuters? Committee says let's wait
  24. Tech event hot ticket
  25. Segway is Contest Prize
  26. Segway at California International Auto Show
  27. Ginger Does Portland
  28. Segway Scooter Protest
  29. Meter readers: Segways make work easy
  30. Capitol Hill police give Segway a try
  31. National Park Tests Human Transporter in Various..
  32. Segway transporters get trial run at Tinker
  33. New scooter technology hits SU campus
  34. Segway Scooters Approved for Hartsfield
  35. Segways replace horses in Atlanta
  36. ON A ROLL
  37. Scooters: Zip around on a Disney ship
  38. Why 6-Legged Bots Rule
  39. Human transporters hit Mechanicville
  40. Dean Kamen Presents Mission to C.U.
  41. Undeniably cool: Riding the Segway
  42. Group wants to ban motorized scooters from sidewal
  43. Segway Website Gets MIMC Award
  44. Currid & Company "test drive" Segway HT
  45. Segway drawing cheers, jeers
  46. Popular Science's Best of What's New
  47. Ginger gets new site - SegwayChat.com
  48. Prince Charles shows off a new skill
  49. Kamen on 60 Minutes II
  50. NH inventor Kamen eyes Stirling Engine
  51. Supes propose Segway ban
  52. Segways for Sale
  53. Segway Human Transporters Now Available
  55. No room on sidewalks for the facts
  56. Why does self-balancing Segway need kick stand?
  57. Segway or the highway
  58. Segway bill scoots to Senate
  59. Ginger transporter spices Comdex
  60. Bill to restrict motorized scooters advances
  61. Segway won't make detour into Canada
  62. Armed forces to get scooter of the future
  63. Segway may have a way to go
  64. What will Dean do?
  65. Injured tech show carries on
  66. Segway scooters banned in SF
  67. Segway Announces First Winners
  68. Gizmo gifts
  69. California mayor, council at loggerheads
  70. Gentlemen, start your angina...
  71. Special scooter helps owner get around at work
  72. Every city makes way for Segway - except one
  73. What to buy the tech savvy?
  74. Segway Aims To Keep Rolling After San Francisco Se
  75. Inventors Trip To Market Fueled By Mems
  76. A Segway under the tree
  77. Segway Owners a Small, Happy Club
  78. Rolling Right Along
  79. Transit strike? What about Segway?
  80. Paramedics to work parades on Segway scooters
  81. New Boardmembers Consider Segway Ban In S.F.
  82. Segway scooter among best sellers on Amazon.com
  83. Capitol handiwork kicking in soon
  84. Brother wins contest; Takes sister for ride on Seg
  85. Segway may give cops new way to travel
  86. Walking segways into scooting around town
  87. New year, new laws for Californians
  88. Human transporter among displays at annual event
  89. Invention offers the ride of a life
  90. First Segway owners are rich, bright, but not fat
  91. And Now, a Scooter That Can Be Driven on the Sidew
  92. Santa Cruz will discuss Segway on sidewalks
  93. Segway Announces Management Change
  94. Segway scooter to get hard look by City Council
  95. City to take a wait-and-see approach to Segway
  96. The Wheel Thing
  97. WPI is first university to use Segway transporter
  98. Leaving Las Vegas
  99. Scooting into stardom
  100. Is Segway Going Anywhere?
  101. Keolis Group and Segway LLC Form Partnership
  102. Segway Hits Legal Pothole in California
  103. Tough road ahead for Segway high-tech scooter
  104. Lucky Segway winners are scooting into history
  105. Scooters for Technophiles
  106. West Haven cops see way with Segway
  107. Segway not rolling into town — yet
  108. Celebration hops on for a high-tech ride
  109. Segway LLC Initiates Community Study of Segway™ HT
  110. Segways on the Sidewalk
  111. Segway rolls quietly through town
  112. Lawmakers consider legalizing use of the Segway
  113. Connecticut considers allowing Segway use
  114. Segway runs into trouble at the capitol
  115. Segways recruited for MTA parking lot patrols
  116. Michelin Brings Segway(TM) Human Transporter HT
  117. Segway hits neighborhoods on March 1
  118. Segway seems just right for travel in city
  119. Cruise news: Disney ships employ Segways
  120. Disney Town Teems With Segways
  121. Nationwide support for Segway continues to grow
  122. Segway Human Transporter HT to Toronto Auto Show
  123. Segway™ HT's Coming to Los Angeles County
  124. Dean Kamen stands out at oil and gas conference
  125. Village shuts down motorized scooters
  126. ...Segway Human Transporter rolling right along
  127. Legislators debate how to regulate Segway scooters
  128. States debate rules for Segway scooters
  129. Segway's Breakdown
  130. Video firm owner rolls with IT
  131. Insurance: Home, auto...and Segway?
  132. Perspective: Cool gadget, dumb idea
  133. Wobbling their way to success on Segways
  134. Lobbying To Put the Segway on Profit Path
  135. Segway Will Cause 'Urban Chaos'
  136. Which way Segway? Don't put the scooter ...
  137. Access. panel to discuss scooter ban on sidewalks
  138. Make Way For Segway?
  139. Scooters' use on sidewalks being debated
  140. Disabled Group Attempts to Ban Segway
  141. Disabled Want Segway HT Banned In San Diego
  142. Senate Approves Bill Allowing High-Tech Scooter
  143. 'It' Surpasses My Wildest Dreams
  144. Make way for Segway
  145. Segway HT's roll past first hurdle in Legislature
  146. The segway is on the way
  147. Segway creator unveils hope for millions
  148. Kamen pitches Segway to federal officials
  149. Sidebar Idea for Seatrade Cruise Shipping Conven.
  150. With Chance to Win A Segway(TM) Human Transporter
  151. Segway postmen are attracting attention
  152. Segway Hits Walkways as Insurers Address Needs
  153. Radio station boss uses Segway as sales tool
  154. ‘Future of transportation’ comes to county
  155. Door-to-door mail carriers may get high-tech help
  156. City of Berkeley Office of Trans. Segway Demons.
  157. Electric scooters stir fears on safety
  158. Seniors say no way to Segway
  159. Sehwat HT may ease traffic congestion
  160. California seniors dread sharing sidewalks with HT
  161. Segway Outlaw
  162. Vehicles blur where sidewalk ends
  163. Public takes futuristic Segway scooters for a spin
  164. EDITORIAL Segway is not a viable transit solution
  165. Look, it's a toy! No, it's that Segway!
  166. MD patient on a roll with new scooter
  167. Two-wheeled wonder bowls over Big Apple
  168. Healdsburg bans Segway HT from plaza sidewalks
  169. Getting around
  170. Turn Your Golf Cart in for a Segway
  171. Driving test: Segway HT
  172. Segway puts zip in your mobility
  173. At last, get your own personal moving sidewalk
  174. Rib Mt. man one of first to own Segway scooter
  175. Segway scooter ban gets support
  176. Technology is on a roll,or maybe it's running wild
  177. Taking Ginger for a spin
  178. Borough Council to vote on Segway scooters
  179. For short hops, there's two-wheel drive
  180. Human Transporter sales move slowly
  181. Segway for Kids Introduced
  182. Human Transporter sales move slowly
  183. Segway HTs Available for Purchase at NEVrland, Inc
  184. Students see the latest mode of transportation
  185. Vehicle of the future?
  186. Vancouver gets its first glimpse of the Segway
  187. Gadget
  188. Electric scooters Segway into Davis
  189. A Segway into the future
  190. Segway steals car show
  191. "Develop to a Segway" Contest Offered..
  192. Segway selects Celebration sales rep for Segway HT
  193. Gadgets: Believe the Hype
  194. On a Roll
  195. A faster foot patrol
  196. Nevada panel advances bill allowing Segway HT
  197. Segway gives easy ride, best on city sidewalks
  198. Nevada bill putting high-tech scooters on sidewalk
  199. Futuristic scooter ride offers brave new whirl
  200. Boulder Creek senior says Segway backlash= hogwash
  201. Nevada vote to allow high-tech devices on sidewalk
  202. Senate OKs use of high-tech scooter on pathways
  203. New people mover hits Carthage streets
  204. Traffic Committee debates ban on human transporter
  205. Police are ready to take technology for a ride
  206. High-Tech Scooter Could Soon Hit Hawaii Streets
  207. Segway Is Great Transportation, But Only For City
  208. City lawyer swears by his new Segway
  209. University Bans Use of Segway
  210. Broussard steps up to new mode of transport
  211. Segway Human Transporter cool, but it's luxury
  212. This Segway’s into a whole new century
  213. Little Scooters are a big hit with the city
  214. Segway LLC Uses the MathWorks Tools
  215. Riding the Segway like 'flying on a magic carpet'
  216. Belmont man and his Segway
  217. Segway Human Transporter Chosen as Finalists
  218. Moving into a new era?
  219. Council may buy Segway scooter fleet
  220. New device may make cars a thing of the past
  221. Sheridan man gets around on Segway
  222. New scooter raising eyebrows, issues
  223. Segway bill passes through Senate, heads to House
  224. Kent man wants Segway returned
  225. Segway scooter stolen
  226. Sidewalk Segway? No way
  227. Segway takes to the streets
  228. City likely barring transports
  229. A Segway To a Book
  230. Wheels turning on Compromise
  231. Segwaying through West Menlo
  232. UNH student turns heads with his Segway
  233. Indiana Man is First in State to Buy a "Segway"
  234. A Standing Ovation
  235. Metro Bans Disabled Woman's Segway
  236. Segway causes Capitola to look into transportation
  237. Developers Drive For Notice In SoHo
  238. New Wheels Run Afoul of Metro
  239. Test drive a Segway at Celebration
  240. PTI to use Segway HT to educate students
  241. Operation Downtown will really roll now
  242. Police contemplate using stand-up scooter
  243. Riding a wave of innovation
  244. CEO hopes trip will be Segway to financing
  245. Rep hopes Segway bill will scoot through
  246. Thinking of buying a Segway? Rent one
  247. Scooters upright, officials uptight
  248. La Mirada ban on Segway taking shape
  249. Rent-a-Segway in Spokane
  250. It's my way or the Segway