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  1. Owners' Roll Call (Archive Only)
  2. Welcome new Segway Owners!!
  3. Proud owner of two i167s
  4. Western Australia Segway Dealer
  5. New Member from Concord, California!
  6. Add Yourself to the Frappr Segway Owners Map!
  7. I love my Segway
  8. New Here? Please post an introduction!
  9. New owner in Calgary...
  10. Soon to be a new owner!!!
  11. Hello everyone!
  12. Happy owner in London, UK
  13. Finally got my own.
  14. Spokane glider-to-be
  15. Newbie from Europe
  16. Hi, people who understand my obsession!!!
  17. Intro
  18. New from New York
  19. new to segway chat
  20. new to the forum
  21. Better rise than fall in love
  22. New from Vero Beach, Florida -seeks contact <<
  23. New old guy from Oakland
  24. Seeking a Club
  25. New Member to Community
  26. Just wanted to say hello
  27. New Guy from Sacramento
  28. Hello everyone
  29. Saying Hello
  30. Oregon Glider
  31. Hi I am a new member
  32. Greetings to you and your Segways!
  33. Hoping for a Segway
  34. Just bought 2 of them in Seattle
  35. Greetings
  36. New owner in Florida.
  37. New use here
  38. Good Morning
  39. A new begining.
  40. New to me I2
  41. Thoughts?
  42. Another New Glider
  43. Greetings from the Bluegrass State
  44. New Oregon owner
  45. Newbie From Texas!
  46. I admit it.. I drank the koolaid
  47. NEW from holland
  48. Looking for Palm Beach County Seggers
  49. Potential Buyer From New York City
  50. New Owner in Northern VA
  51. New Member from San Jose, CA
  52. Newbie Intro...
  53. Old Owner, Long-time Lurker in Orlando, FL
  54. Phil
  55. newb in Twin Cities
  56. Newcomer
  57. Jonesing for a glide ride
  58. New Member
  59. I'm Smitten...
  60. New member in Maine
  61. Hello
  62. Help me disassemble i170 PLEASE!
  63. Hello from DFW, Texas
  64. Hello from Indian Ocean
  65. New Member from Reunion
  66. New Segway X2 Owner in CVA
  67. hello all i'm a new one
  68. Swedish Segwayers and lift of speed limit?
  69. Hello from Italy
  70. New member from Seattle
  71. Joliet ,Illinois
  72. Helloooo, Minneapolis!
  73. Hello from Chico, CA!
  74. Hello from Old Forge PA
  75. An Introduction
  76. Hi from Arkansas
  77. hello from western ma
  78. hello from newport beach, CA
  79. Greetings from Northern VA
  80. Eric from CT
  81. Hello
  82. Hello
  83. Hello from Green Bay, WI
  84. What I've figured out since Wednesday
  85. Hi from Down Under
  86. Hi from Hillsboro Oregon
  87. From Hillsboro, Oregon
  88. hi all...
  89. New Member from San Diego, Some Questions
  90. Aloha from Seal Beach CA
  91. Ciao from an enthusiast Seggy i2 owner in Turin (Italy)
  92. GlideDog is a Happy Dog!
  93. Hello from the "other" Vancouver
  94. Hello From Columbia Sc
  95. Hello From Tracy, CA
  96. loving my X2
  97. Greetings from Oregon City, Oregon
  98. Greetings - Dalton, GA
  99. Ok just took the plunge
  100. Im new here......
  101. Looking for gliders in the South Bay area
  102. Hello
  103. Hello from Glendale, CA
  104. The only one in Veneta
  105. The only one in Veneta
  106. Ron in Miami Florida
  107. Hi from n. ky. (near cincinnati)
  108. Hi all
  109. hola
  110. Hello from Charlotte, NC
  111. Hello from Calgary, Alberta
  112. Hello from Split, Croatia
  113. Helloe from a New Segwayer
  114. Hello from Connecticut
  115. Hello from Jefferson, Oregon
  116. Hello from Blacksburg, Virginia
  117. hello everyone from chicago
  118. Hi from Baltimore
  119. Hello, everyone.
  120. Hello from Simi Valley CA
  121. Hello from Stockton, CA
  122. WOWED "Arizona newbie" lookin for a new or used...
  123. Peoria, IL - New Segway Owner
  124. Segway investment opportunity ...
  125. Segway Turf X2 Golf Model
  126. Hey
  127. Hello from Charlotte NC
  128. Hey - from San Francisco, CA
  129. Hello from the UK
  130. [France] Hello from a small town hided in the forrest...
  131. ~Hello To All Magic Carpet Riders!~
  132. Hello, New from Illinois
  133. Hi Everyone (Sioux Falls, SD)
  134. New owner in the East Bay
  135. Hey everybody, from Benson, NC home of Mule Days
  136. New owner in San Anselmo, Marin County, CA
  137. Suggestions as to which model to be on the lookout for
  138. I saw 2 slightly used I2s for sale but can't find them now.
  139. Hey, can the I2 climb a six inch step?
  140. Which states have helmet laws for Segways
  141. New tour operator
  142. Doing some research
  143. [Iowa] Hello!
  144. 2 new gliders in the Raleigh area
  145. A quick 'Slante' from Ireland
  146. [France] Hello from a castle all over the world known
  147. Hello from Kent, UK
  148. Chicago burbs Segwayers??
  149. Doing Research - range question
  150. Hello everyone from Carlsbad, CA
  151. Hello from Daytona Beach!
  152. Hello from Switzerland
  153. Hello From Calais France
  154. Hello from Poland
  155. Hello from Mexico!
  156. New/Used in Van Nuys, CA
  157. I love my i2 too much!
  158. Hello from The Netherlands
  159. Old-New Member In Dallas
  160. Hello from Central/Upstate New York!
  161. New Member
  162. Hello from Germany!
  163. Doc from DC
  164. First Segway in Sacramento
  165. Greetings from South Georgia y'all
  166. new in DC
  167. Hello from Albany NY
  168. Greetings from Anaheim!
  169. Hello From NoHo
  170. Greetings from a soon-to-be owner
  171. Greetings from Segway's birthplace!
  172. Checking in from Salt Lake City
  173. Green Wheelin Bay Area Segway East Bay Walnut Creek
  174. Hi From Syracuse, NY
  175. Awesome
  176. Greetings from south Bergen County New Jersey.
  177. I Got My Segway Yesterday!
  178. new member
  179. Hello From Heenvliet thats Holland
  180. Columbus, OH 2008 Segway owner with bald tires already
  181. Calgary, Alberta, Canada Hello!
  182. I have a motive...
  183. OK OK... I'ma thinking...
  184. Charity support to purchase Segway
  185. Hello from San Diego
  186. Hello from Russia and please help with buying
  187. I'm a new member here and a new Segway owner
  188. New Member to site (not an owner yet !!)
  189. My Segway
  190. hi from mexico
  191. Hello from the Alps!
  192. Hello to the many members of the Segway community!
  193. New user with seg problems
  194. Now an owner too
  195. Finally took the plunge.....
  196. New i2 Owner in Orlando
  197. New I2 Owner from Scottsdale,AZ
  198. Hi new i2 owner in Vancouver Canada
  199. Segway Malta
  200. old Segway (and owner), blinking lights question
  201. Newbie in WPB, FL
  202. Hello From Northern Virginia
  203. Hello from Kiev Ukraine
  204. New i2 owner in DC
  205. Greetings from Denmark
  206. New Member
  207. Greetings from snowy CT along with questions
  208. Greetings!
  209. New user from Illinois
  210. New (used) Segway Owner in Arizona
  211. New "Green" member
  212. Greeting from Malaysia
  213. Hello from the Netherlands
  214. Snow Finally Melted!
  215. Just Rode for the First Time
  216. The most fun you can have standing up
  217. Hello from Metro-Atlanta...
  218. Hello from Camarillo
  219. Hello from Accessory Xperts
  220. Diff between gen 1 and 2
  221. Hey there gliders!
  222. Hello from Northern California
  223. Hello from Albuquerque!
  224. New Kansas Glider
  225. Stolen Segway
  226. Greetings Segway Chat Community
  227. New owner
  228. hello from Croatia !!!
  229. Not an owner but seriously considering it...
  230. Hello
  231. Considering Buying X2's for SAR
  232. Just wanted to say hi
  233. Too much Insurance
  234. Hello!
  235. New member from Spain
  236. An old member introduces a new addition
  237. Disney Segway Suit
  238. PLEASE VOTE http://www.bbvaopentalent.com/just-seg-it/
  239. Segway Xperiences Australia
  240. Greetings from sunny (sometimes) Florida
  241. Hi from Bavaria - Lake Chiemsee area
  242. Noobie not yet user
  243. New member
  244. Disable
  245. Greetings From The Biggest Little City In The World!
  246. Hello From Utah
  247. X2 to be delivered Tomorrow!!
  248. Middleage guy w/ - new to me - old segway
  249. Proud Papa Considering Segway for MD boy(s)...
  250. saying hello