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  1. Key Copies and Custom Keys -- DIY cheap!
  2. Segway Friendly Locales (incl. establishments and geographies) Database
  3. Stolen Segway Reporting
  4. PT (i2/x2) Error Codes & Meanings
  5. DIY "how to" Thread
  6. Swapping wheels - x2 for x2 Golf (or even i2)
  7. Info Key Speed
  8. transporting the transporter.
  9. NiMH Battery Rebuild
  10. Parking Stand Mod
  11. juliaclarkhh
  12. Lost keys
  13. segway wheelchair
  14. charger blown up
  15. Commuting in the Northwest?
  16. Hello all - new (almost)i2 owner
  17. Model Differences
  18. Installing a parking stand on XT 1st Generation
  19. chuck from eugene ore
  20. Keeps leaning back on me!
  21. Extra set of rims and tires
  22. measurements of i167
  23. Loose handlebar (gen1)
  24. Cleaning the soft bags
  25. Dead Batteries
  26. Not starting?
  27. Newbie problem wth X2
  28. X2 problem
  29. Chip from NJ saying hi
  30. Interrupting the charge of a Lith/Ion battery
  31. trying to inflate an enhanced-traction tire :0
  32. Batteries Again
  33. Hello to all!
  34. New member...still smiling
  35. Also posted on Stuff to Buy and Sell
  36. New Segway owner problem
  37. Locking the Seg or having a Quick Release?
  38. Climb Stairs
  39. SegVator Help and Hints
  40. Power button on my i2 key is stuck.
  41. i167 cold battery/platform fault.
  42. Battery Charging Strategy
  43. Infokey lockup
  44. New Trick -- Testing Traction
  45. Insurance availability
  46. Hello
  47. where can I mount an eye bolt on the handle?
  48. Rebuilt NiMH Batteries
  49. turtle mode wont turn off! help!
  50. Segway Social Wiki
  51. Anyone know how to but a radio on my X1?
  52. Stripping an i2
  53. Info keys
  54. Didn't the Gen 1 Segways balance without a kickstand?
  55. Segway Advertising Shields
  56. Newbie LOST NEED HELP
  57. Replacing i2 Elastomeric Couplers
  58. Battery issues on E, I, P
  59. unidentified fault in the Segway HT
  60. Gen 1 handlebars that don't collapse - SOLUTION!
  61. touch up paint
  62. What do women need on their i180
  63. Bad weather Segway use.
  64. How To Register A Segway ?
  65. HELP is it clockwise or counter clockwise?
  66. Do you really need the stock spacer for golf tires or can you use these?
  67. InfoKey Holder Modification
  68. Tire Repair Question
  69. Segway j2 charging
  70. Xt Redundunt Failure
  71. Manuals and solar charging
  72. Manuals and battery charging
  73. i180 shut off problem
  74. Segway i167 - top of handlebar disassembling
  75. Don
  76. How to see miles /hours I2
  77. LI ON Reviver in the State of Utah
  78. Ridiing on the Beach
  79. Can anyone explain this ??
  80. segway screen flashing red, wont turn on...
  81. Instructions
  82. Two Segway i180s - neither charging
  83. Business plan
  84. Condensation in Segway handlebars
  85. Segs with seats / seg pwner in woodinville, WA
  86. How To Verifying PT Serial Number
  87. Problems with our X2
  88. X2 E014 Error...HELP!!
  89. Hekp me from Russia.
  90. Is there some way to reboot without so much DISASSEMBLY?
  91. A secondhand segway / used segway checklist ?
  92. Hello, Long Time Reader, first time with a question
  93. How do you get the handlebars apart?
  94. How it's made... the I2
  95. Light for the segway and a self made stand
  96. Should I really buy one of these quirky things?
  97. Sausalito Segway guy
  98. Showdown in Elk Town
  99. Gen 1 control shaft adjustment: stuck
  100. Specs for actual power use while i2 is charging.
  101. DapperDonn
  102. i2 central console stolen at paintjob.
  103. Mileage ?
  104. Stolen Segway
  105. E027, How to check battery, disassemble
  106. Standard vs Offroad
  107. Segway Infokey screw driver size
  108. Gen 1 motor in Gen 2 Segway???
  109. New Member
  110. Segway P133 Broken Left Handle bar
  111. Help with Handlebar Problem
  112. Need tires for i167 I just bought.
  113. i2 won't start up
  114. X2 won't start except when plugged in
  115. Infokey won't hold time and date
  116. elastomer replacement
  117. Shipping a Segway for Vacation Use
  118. Newbee needs help
  119. Removal of Centre Console for X2
  120. P133 weight limits
  121. Error code E 806
  122. finding the permanent serial number?
  123. Repair Gearbox Shaft
  124. adding key miles together
  125. Temperature limitations
  126. Absolute Newbie Needs Help Getting Started
  127. How to test i167 Charging Circuit
  128. Segway I2 E084
  129. Repair...Off-Board charger
  130. Keys Gen1
  131. i2 owner
  132. miniPRO Regenerative Braking miniPRO miniPLUS
  133. Ninebot Kickscooter ES1 extra battery no extra speed boost
  134. i2 Wide open throttle problem
  135. Motor Controller ES2
  136. Minibot ES2 Errors codes
  137. Is it possible to replace/change es2 front wheel?
  138. Guide to reviving the Segway Gen 1 and Gen 2 battery
  139. Ninebot ES2 code 45 - battery discharged
  140. I rebuilt a i167 battery for 300 bucks.
  141. Extra battery on es2 not picking up with app
  142. Gen1 without key
  143. miniPRO How to fix minipro260 knee bar tilting to right
  144. Ninebot Es1 where are the brains located??
  145. Es2 owner
  146. Rules/Regulations where I live
  147. Segway P133 NIHM batteries
  148. Just purchased 4 i167 and 1 i180
  149. i2 i2 bms battery diagnostics
  150. Fixing Gearbox Axel Wobble
  151. Hi from Tasmania
  152. i180 Red light on startup
  153. What Components are interchangeable?
  154. New Facebook page Segway PT Owners of America
  155. Ninebot Ninebot max g30 top speed decreases
  156. I167 cover removal
  157. mini pro plus or s plus
  158. X2 with jerky steering until it's been ridden about a mile
  159. Testing a I167 Segway with dead batteries
  160. Ninebot Orlando FL 2 Ninebots stolen
  161. Segway PT Gear box oil