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Segway General Discussion General discussion related to any model of Segways, miniPROs, or Ninebots. Please do not post non-Segway technology posts here; use the technology forum instead.

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Old 08-29-2017, 01:55 AM   #21
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Talking Problem solved Segway behaving normally again

1. Discharged batteries again to two bars recharged again overnight.
2. Test glide same behaviour as reported - yuk!
3. Removed batteries.
4. Tested with my other multi-range multimeter checked its batteries first -all OK
5. Tested both my very old batteries (2006) - 75 volts both of them other multimeter is no functioning at higher DC voltages it seems.
6. Re-installed batteries. Test glide. no behaviour change.
7. Think laterally..........
8. Maybe the batteries are not really stuffed? Maybe not
9. What about my tyres are they flatter than my batteries
10. Wow. Yep my turf tyres are only 1.5 psi
11. Pumped up my tyres to 4psi.
12. Test warning modes,no errors up to 12km/hr over bumpy Sidewalks and bumpy adjacent lawns. Glided 600 m absolutely no stick shakes, no slow mode, only two happy faces all the and the infokey!

13. Looks like Flat tyres not flat batteries and super dumb operator was the problem.
14. Flat tyres required far to much torque, more than my batteries could possibly deliver.
15. Off for a very long glide.....hoping all remains well. Perhaps I can keep using my 11 year old batteries after all.
Will report back again.
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Old 08-29-2017, 03:15 AM   #22
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Thumbs up Further comments

1. Completed a sidewalk glide on my 2006 i2 PT which is currently configured as an X2 with turf wheels and a Segseat attached.
2. Covered a distance of 5km@ approximately 8-10km/hr. Seated.
3. No battery problems, error codes, no stick shake, no emergency shutdown.
4. Ambient temperature 10deg C.
5. Max speed 12.5km/hr.
6. Started out with 6bars charge, used 4 bars, 2bars remaining at the end of this test glide.
7. It was cold!, maybe my old batteries are still doing OK.
8. My tyres are much better
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