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Segway General Discussion General discussion related to any model of Segways, miniPROs, or Ninebots. Please do not post non-Segway technology posts here; use the technology forum instead.

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Originally Posted by dgbint View Post

Now we are getting somewhere.
If the Lean Steer is off center, it is a simple matter to reset.
Loosen the bolt, center the lean steer, gently tighten the bolt, wiggle the lean steer a few times, and tighten the bolt a bit more each time.

If either the platform is leaned substantially back or forward, or the leansteer is substantially off center, the Segway will not start.
It has to be roughly in the right attitude to start.

Does this assist ?

Hey Michael thank you for answering! I'm getting the tools today so lets cross our fingers for that being the problem. Since I can't charge the badboy, I can't really figure out if there's a problem with this function yet

- Bob
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Originally Posted by CallMeBoB View Post
Hey Dale, I think something went wrong since my post never were posted in here. I'm Sorry to have dissappointed you, but I have a lot going on atm. If you still feel like helping I will answer the questions.

1. I haven't received a key for the Segway, are they usually turned on by a physical key? I've received two driving computers with it, which I thought would be the way to turn it on.
2. & 3. It's a I2 model, so nothing on the fenders but a Segway logo, and thin tires.
4. & 5. I'm just trying to charge it which it can't atm. When I try to charge it, it will go flickering between red and green lights. It seems like the powerinput is loose in the Segway, since It's possible to "wiggle" the powerinput back and forth.

I hope this englightens the problem a bit more. Good day out there.

Kind regards
Thanks for persisting to answer. I wasn't originally sure what model you had.

The "key" for the I2 is a round black thing, about the size of a really big wristwatch, and it has a screen. That's probably what you are calling a "driving computer". Each of them has an internal battery, and one of the buttons on the side is used to turn on the Segway. is offline   Reply With Quote

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